RadhaKrishn Written Update 9th January 2020: Radha searches for the divine place

The episode starts with Balram searching for Krishna everywhere. He searches for him across the markets and the gardens but is unable to find him. He is looking for him to get his divine vision. Balram finally finds Krishna. He asks for his vision and Krishna reminds him again that if he is unable to find the place then he will have to do sit-ups. Balram agrees. Krishna gives him his vision.

Balram could see the entire universe with his vision. He even tried to search for the place but couldn’t find it. He tells Krishna that he saw the entire universe but couldn’t find the place. Krishna says that the place will be first seen by Radha and then anyone else. Balram challenges him saying that radha herself has to come and say it.

Here Radha is thinking about what Vasudev had told her about yamuna. Radha too wants to try going into it thinking that if yamuna loves Krishna that much then she must be loving Radha too.

Radha goes to the banks of Yamuna and prays to her. She then steps into the river. She keeps going down the river and sees that it is not drowning her and neither is she losing her breath. She could easily go deep below the river. She reaches the bottom.

She sees a very beautiful scenario there which she says hasn’t seen ever. She then finds a golden shankh and takes it up. She thinks that Krishna must build a place that is beautiful by the same amount.

She writes a letter to Krishna to inform him about the same. She gives the letter to her messenger and tells him that the letter must reach Krishna only and no one else. Here Rukmini talks to her father about Krishna. She tells him that Krishna is a great man. He did what he could do best in order to save lives of his people.

Radha’s letter gets caught up and sent to Jarasandh who learns that Krishna is trying to build a very enormous and divine place. He informs all the spies and messengers to keep a string eye on every movement of Krishna. The letter then reaches Rukmini by her friend. She joins the shankh and finds the letter.

She then writes a letter to Radha. Radha sees the letter and finds out that Rukmini and her father are still in captivity and need help. She then writes a letter for Krishna. Balram and Krishna are talking to each other. Balram reminds him about it being the sunset time and Radha’s information has still not reached them.

Krishna tells him that Radha could never let Krishna lose. The shankh sent via river yamuna by Radha reaches Krishna directly. This amazes Balram. He finds in the letter that she has asked him to build a grand and divine place just like the shankh and to also help Rukmini and her father.

Krishna then tells Balram that he will build a place which will be sea side and name it Dwarka. Balram gets happy on hearing the name.

Precap: Jarasandh and Shishupal are seen attacking moving people with their fierce arrows. Krishna and Balram see this with great shock.