RadhaKrishna 24th December 2019 written update: Radha and Krishna gets married to each other

Episode begins with Radha is getting annoyed with Krishna and says how can I see the girl who is coming in the light of the sun and moon on this same time? She says this is not even possible and Krishna says this is possible. He says to keep patience and wait for another one hour. Radha says another one hour OK I will wait for her.

Lord shiva and Goddess Durga are discussing what is Lord Vishnu is upto as the entire universe is eager to see Radha and Krishna to get married with each other. Lord Brahma and Goddess Saraswati are also discussing the same.

Suddenly Radha gets up and says you are just wasting my time and no girl is going to come today so I am living. she was about to go when Krishna says the girl has appeared here and I can see her in front of me. Radha get shocked to see something while on the other side rukmini is on her way to madhura when some people capture them inside the Jungle and stopped her vehicle. She comes out of har Pal Ki and ask who are you people?

Someone from the jungle says you are some informal who is going somewhere like this and Rukmani in head defence says that I am the princess of Bidharv and I am in love with Prince of Mathura Krishna and is going to meet him. To her shock, the person who asked for her identity is none other than her uncle Jorasandh and he says you can not fool me, the king of Magadh by bringing in some flute seller.

Rukmani says my intention is not to hurt you whatever I have done is to save my love. He says he will never be able to get your love ever in life. Here Radha can see her reflection in the sun and the moon at a time and the reflection also falls on the water. She gets teary eyed to see this and looks at Krishna. Krishna asks her how is the girl?

She is the most beautiful girl of this entire universe. Lord Brahma is smiling to see this when goddess Saraswati asked him what is the reason behind his smile? Brahmarakshas some years ago I have asked for this favour of mine from Lord Krishna.

There is a flashback of Brahma is meditating for or years to get a visit of Lord Krishna. When Lord Krishna appeared in front of him, Lord Brahma expresses his wish to see the footprints of Goddess Radha and also says that he wants to enjoy the marriage ceremony of Lord Krishna and Radha.

Lord Krishna says that the love relationship between Krishna and Radha is beyond any social bonding. Kale he agrees to fulfill his wish to see the marriage ceremony as it is a wish from a devotee to his idol.

Krishna brings Radha into heaven and she gets deleted to see everything and ask is this is a reality or I am hallucinating? Krishna says this is a reality without any doubt is there can be nothing beyond it and I have given you enough hints about this but you are unable to understand hence I have to show you the face of my would be bride like this. He again asks Radha that you didn’t tell me how my bride looks? Radha says she is more beautiful than me but tell me one thing is this even real? Krishna says when two flowers stay together then they become each others world.

Krishna says do you really think there is no one here apart from us? Krishna says look at their at the sun and the moon who reflected your image. The respectable idol of yours and mine Lord shiva and his family is also here. He introduces the entire devlok to Radha and says we are two lovers who gave this universe in you meaning of love and the actual utility of it. finally we are getting married so why not this entire universe wants to be a part of this grand celebration? Goddess Parvati takes away Radha and Lord Shiva takes away Krishna to prepare them for the marriage ceremony.

Lord Vishwakarma and Lord Brahma prepared the marriage dias for both of them. Radha says I have never thought in my dreams that I can see you and myself in this look. Krishna says there is no need of it at first place because our love is beyond any social bond and marriage thing. This process is just a formality for us and I am doing it to keep my promise to Lord Brahma. The marriage preparations of Radha and Krishna get started. their performing the marriage rituals together in the presence of all the Gods and Goddess. Both of them took the circle around the fire and all are watching them with blissful eyes.

Krishna says sorry is easy to say, speak or write but to prove it through actions is much difficult. In life if you have the ability of asking for sorry for saying sorry then you can do something in life.

Precap – Radha and Krishna are spending time together while Rukmani is presented for hearing in the royal meet. Krishna says Radha will be the museum who will send me off from here forever.