Radhakrishn: galore of fun and teasing for Krishna

In upcoming episodes of Radhakrishna, audiences will be witnessing fun filled antics in Krishna and Radha’s life. As the duo decided to turn their relationship into marriage, in the coming storyline their journey towards that is going to be the center of attraction. Radha will talk of her wish to be accepted by Maiya Yashoda to which Lord Krishna will promise to convince his mother. Krishna will then approach Yasodha and playfully try convincing her that now is the time she needs a daughter in law.

Afterwards, Krishna tries to confess his love wide openly in front of the entire village, but it is easier said than done, even for Lord Krishna. He will struggle very hard to confess his love and marriage plan to the village seeing which Yashoda will tease Krishna a lot. In midst of it all, Jatila will pretend to be ill. On account of her illness, she will put forward a very strange request. What might be her strange request? Will it effect in Radha and Krishna’s impending marriage plans? If it did, which direction will Radha and Krishna’s love life go after this? You have to tune in to the show to know more.

Also, apart from this love saga, much is happening in the show. In one of the upcoming sequences, Asur will start insulting Vrishbhaan. Now it will be interesting to watch Vrishbhaan’s reaction to his insults. And there is Kan’s section and his relentless plan to bring down his sister’s family and protect himself from the open declaration of his death given by the lords in the sky. All these fractions adding up visual displays of stories people heard growing up makes it all the more special. So folks! Keep loving the show and keep buzzing this space.