Radhakrishn: Radha and Krishna to be punished by Rishi Durbasa’s students!

In Star Bharat’s Radhakrishn, Lord Krishna has set up to leave Barsana forever and he is going with his brother Balram to execute his secret mission. Balram has given his full support to his younger brother during the tough times and is also accompanying him as he decides to go and kill Kans before Kans gives more pain to people. While on the other hand, Kans has decided to kill Krishna and show his dead body to Devaki. On one hand, there is a possibility of war between evil Kans and Lord Krishna and on the other, there is an emotional war going for Radha and Krishna while they struggle to choose from the matters of heart and duties. Radha will meet Krishna and request him not to leave Barsana forever in the upcoming episode. To which Krishna will say that now he has left his love to marry somebody else he has now use staying in Barsana. Then Krishna will also make Radha understand another important phase of the life they will have to spend.

Our exclusive source from the sets also confirms that Krishna will realize that love is above everything in the world in the upcoming episodes of the show. Later, the students of Rishi Durbasa, who is known for his extreme anger, will declare some punishment for Radha, Krishna, and Ayan for disrespecting them. What will lead to them doing so? What punishment are they going to give to the trio? Is it something about Radha and Krishna’s true love with each other and Radha getting married to Ayan despite that? Or will something else happen to trigger the incident in the upcoming track? You just have to wait a few more hours for the story to unfold.

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