Radhakrishn : yet again a beautiful magical moment between Radha and Krishna!

Fate might have abandoned them and kept them apart from belonging to each other in societal and behavioral terms, but Radha and Krishna’s hearts still beat with an immense amount of purest and truest love for each other in Star Bharat’s ace mythological show Radhakrsihn.

Though Radha and Krishna couldn’t hold each other as a husband and a wife due to the cruel fate of theirs, they are still helping each other to come out of distress and trouble whenever they have to face one. Especially, Krishna has been taking care of her and following her in every step as if he is her shadow. The eternal and never dying love between them is the highlight of the show and it surely provides audiences with serene emotions that leave everlasting and heartwarming memories.

There has always been a play of beautiful and magical moments every time Radha and Krishna comes together on screen. This time too as Krishna earnestly tries to help Radha out of the troublesome situation where her whole body is suffering from the poison by Ekdansh’s attack.

Radha was trying to save her husband Ayan when she herself falls prey at the receiving end of Ekdansh’s attack. As a result of that, her whole body is engulfed by poison and she falls seriously ill. Now in the upcoming episode, we will see Krishna taking a divine form to cure Radha of the poison.

Soon enough, Radha gains consciousness but she will not be able to recognize Krishna in his divine form. Krishna will then take care of her properly and after making sure the poison has left her totally, he will try to make her eat something to regain her strength. Here, he will feel her with his own hands. Don’t miss this beautiful and magical moment.

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