RadhaKrishnn 11th August 2020 Written Update: Krishna assures Arjun about Kunti

RadhaKrishnn 11th August 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Vidur talks with pandavas regarding the friendship treaty with Hastinapur. Arjun understands Krishna is the one who let Vidur to their hut. On the other side, Hastinapur is getting ready with preparations for the welcome of Pandavas. Gandhari is excited while Duryodhan is angry with all these however Shakuni asks him to behave normally so that no one doubts your intentions. Duryodhan gets to know Vidur reached the hut of Pandavas before his army and he gets angry with Shakuni follodwed by Karn.

Karna says to Duryodhan that my motive is to defeat Arjun and before he can enter the border of this state then I will attack and then giveaway the win state to you as a gift. On the other hand, pandavas are ready to go to Hastinapur but Kunti is not much interested. Krishna advised Arjun to pay attention to his mother emotions and words. Shakuni says that I know that Kunti will never be ready to come to Hastinapur, she is a mother and I know her very very well. As expected Kunti opposes the decision of going back to Hastinapur and says this can cause the security of my sons. She says to Draupadi to prepare for the dinner and leaves.

Arjun says to Krishna about convincing their mother so that they can leave for Hastinapur. Krishna tries to make Kunti understand that it is very important for her and pandavas to go back to Hastinapur. However, Kunti remains strict on her call when Krishna says if I personally take care of pandavas and took the responsibility of their security then also you will not be able to leave for Hastinapur? Kunti says without your Dwarka army my sons are really insecure and exposed to danger in Hastinapur as Kouravs are hundred in numbers and my sons are only five. The news of Kunti is not agreeing to return reached Hastinapur and Shakuni says I knew this. Arjun asks Madhav how my mother is not convinced even after you personally told her about returning back to Hasrinapur. He says sometimes to convince a people you need to show examples and not just use words. He asks him to keep his believe in him.

Precap – All are getting ready to leave for Jaipur.