RadhaKrishnn 13th July 2020 Written Update: Krishna is all set to begin a new chapter

RadhaKrishnn 13th July 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Krishna and Radha meeting together and spending some moments together before being apart. The voiceover says everything that happens between Radha and Krishna surely has a cause behind it. Radha who is the symbol if love and love is a symbol of establishment of cosmic law and order or what we call conscience of a person. The intention of anyone with which one does any act for himself or for the mankind. Radha says to Krishna is the beginning of this new chapter will put an end to our saga of love?

Krishna says it may end the day we will meet for eternity and before that there is no separation between you and me. Radha smiles and both of them hugged each other in bliss. Sheshnaag summons Krishna to come in front of him as soon as possible cause he is also his elder brother on the basis of relationship. Before going apart Radha wishes good luck to Krishna and says I am making this coloured mark on your forehead so that you can be able to establish good conscience among mankind and society.

Krishna comes to his elder brother who narrates to him the entire flow of events that happened with Kunti and her sons who are also famous as pandavas. He says they are being tried to kill again and again by their own cousin brother Duryodhan. Krishna says I want to meet the divine fathers of Pandavas who will go and look for them. They are waiting at Dwarka when in the morning, Debraj Indra appears there with the other four members of Devlok. Krishna narrates to them the events that took place with their son on the earth and how they are not performing the responsibility of a good father in any way.

Indra assures him that he will try his best along with other four god to fulfill their responsibility for their son. Krishna says are you sure you all are able to bring all those gods who were the biological fathers of Pandavas. Indra says he is confident enough that he brings all of them and they will be able to find out their sons even if they are hiding right now to save themselves after the deadly attack on them in that “Lakshyagriha”. Krishna, though not convinced much with their promise, asks them to get to work and report him as soon as possible.

Once they left Bhim asks why I feel that they will not be able to find the pandavas. Krishna says that is because they doesn’t have the truth, the light of reality with them and without that it’s all darkness and empty for all. Let them go for the hunt and realised it themselves. Krishna says people will come to know about a new Krishna in this new chapter cause it will not only practices truth but will be an establisher of it as well. Someone who can be hard and rude for the people who will cross their limit of committing sins. This chapter will get Krishna in a complete new and different way and avtaar.

Precap : Pandavas are living in hiding and Krishna is all set to find someone who can be his partner in this new journey.