RadhaKrishnn 17th July 2020 Written Update: Draupadi meets Krishna for the first time

RadhaKrishnn 17th July 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Draupadi playing around in the entire palace and her elder sister is trying to get hold of her but she goes to hide behind her father. On the other side, Arjun is affected and mesmerized after getting a glimpse of Draupadi through Shree Krishna. He says to him if possible then do come and take part in her marriage ceremony. Bhim says to him none of us will come there and since your work is done you can leave now.

Krishna I am leaving but I am kind of sure that maybe I will be able to meet Arjun at Kampilya. He left saying so and Bhim warns Arjun about his name. Arjun says that name came to my mouth very spontaneously and I am sure about one thing that he is the only person since leaving Hastinapur who attracted me towards him.

Balram asks Krishna about his meeting with Pandavas when he says I went there for a purpose now they will be present at the palace of Kampilya and it will be the time when I can examine all and thus I can pick the one suitable to be my companion. They again leave for Panchal. Dhrupad gets a news that most of the emperors declined to be present at the marriage program of Draupadi.

Dhrupad gets upset with this news when Drishtidhiun says we will do such a grand arrangement that anyone will regret for not being able to be a part of it. One of the informer comes and informs about the arrival of two persons from Dwarka. Dhrupad understands well about the guests of him and he says to arrange for a grand welcome for both of them because he knows who it is !

Another side, two of the friends of Radha, come to give her lunch . They explain to her that the life of women has become much difficult in the Barsana and now we don’t even talk about our love for Krishna so you do the same or else these people will do the worst to you. Radha is not able to understand what is suddenly wrong with these people? She is not able to digest the sudden change among the females of Barsana. Draupadi on the other side noticed the arrival of Krishna and she feels it is not even looking grand then why my father is so excited for their arrival. She keeps the same question in front of her father as well and he informs Draupadi that it is about Dwarkadhish Krishna.

Krishna arrives at the palace of Panchal followed by his brother Balram and Dhrupad welcomes them with open arms. After having a conversation with each other, Dhrupad requests him to have some food and rest and later they will discuss about the marriage ceremony of Draupadi. Krishna realises that Radha is in some trouble and he gets disturbed. Later Draupadi shares with her elder sister about her displeasure regarding the marriage but she is scared of saying the same to her father as she doesn’t want t hurt her. Krishna comes to meet Draupadi himself.

Precap – Radha and Krishna meets and she says I am happy that you are going to make the marriage ceremony of Draupadi more beautiful and grand. All the kings from different place arrives at the marriage ceremony of Draupadi.