RadhaKrishnn 18th August 2020 Written Update: Gandhari Insults Bhisma for Duryodhan

RadhaKrishnn 18th August 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode begins with everybody gathered at the assembly hall of Hastinapur for a session of discussion among all. Shakuni comes there with Duryodhan and before entering the assembly he stops him and says do things the way I have told you. Duryodhan assured him that he will do exactly what he is supposed to do.

Both of them entered the assembly hall and he starts his pretentious act. She says in front of all that I am ashamed for my behaviour towards all the elders and I am also apologetic for my foul language too. He continues along with this apology I also want your blessings and permission so that I can go for my mission and stay away from Hastinapur. He told everybody that he wants to stay away from all the politics that are being played in the lives of Hastinapur and he wants to go far from all this and wants to take care of the people of this state.

Krishna understands that he is just playing games with the emotions of Dhritarashtra and Gandhari while Gandhari is getting restless for her son. Dhritarashtra says that I am happy because my son has realised where he went wrong. However he is also not convinced with the idea of going to save the citizens of the state from the obvious danger.

However, Bhishma says that if the younger generation of our family wants to showcase their excellency and power in such a way that we should encourage it rather than stopping them. He says to Duryodhan please go ahead and come back being a winner and my blessings are always with you. Duryodhan understands that his game is getting negative results for him and he walked away from there without talking any further.

Once he leaves Gandhari lashes out at Bhishma for giving her son the permission to go alone to face the danger. Bhisma leaves the assembly hall after asking you sorry from Gandhari. Krishna saves infant of all that the way people have behaved with Bhisma is wrong because he is the only one actually one who is protecting the state of Hastinapur from the enemies. People are terrified to attack the state because they know that there is a warrior like Bhishma in the state. Krishna leaves the assembly hall too and Gandhari feels sorry for her behaviour towards Bhisma. Arjun says to Draupadi that she is in a dilemma because he is not able to take any call regarding the decision of choosing an proprietor for Hastinapur throne. He says the state is not the same anymore and now I am not getting what I should do?

Draupadi says that you are very much distracted right now and you need the guidance of Krishna. Krishna comes to have some conversation with Bhisma when Arjun comes to take some guidance from Bhishma when he says I can’t help you in this. This is something you have to decide on your own. Krishna says to Arjun believing in god is good but not having self believe is also not appreciated. He says this you have to gain from yourself. You should not derive it from someone else. Later Krishna says to Bhim Arjun has to decide what is righteous for him, himself or else it will be a painful journey for him.

Precap – Arjun was asked about his verdict regarding Hastinapur.