RadhaKrishnn 18th December 2019 Written Update :- Krishna reunites with Radha

The episode starts with Radha and Revati talking to each other and getting happy about the arrival of Krishna and Balaram. Radha’s aunt appears and asks their reason for happiness, Radha informs her too about the arrival of Krishna. She is shocked to hear this.

Here Jarasandh and Rukmi are sitting together when Rukmini appears before them. She offers sweets to Jarasandh and asks him about Krishna. Jarasandh angrily tells her everything about him. About how he killed Kans, how people in all of Mathura and Barsana love him, who earlier used to hate him.

Jarasandh kept getting angry whereas Rukmini kept getting happier on hearing praises of Krishna. She went to her room to continue with her sketch, she draws a peacock wing and has completely fallen in love with Krishna, without even seeing him, just by his praises, and wants to meet him as soon as possible. She sends her spies to gather every information about Krishna in Barsana.

Here Radha and Revati are still in chat about Krishna and suddenly Radha hears the flute music and realises that Krishna has arrived. She runs to meet him and finds him there. Both are very happy to see each other. Radha tells him that she didn’t miss him at all as he is always with ever, in her heart. He is the only one who is visible to her in the complete Universe.

Krishna also jokingly said that he didn’t miss her, Radha first gets upset but later even Krishna responds that she too stays in his heart. Then they start playing with colours to celebrate their reunion.

Rukmini is still in her room, couldn’t sleep and is all the time thinking about Krishna only. She wants to know everything about Krishna from her spies as soon as possible.