RadhaKrishnn 19th December 2019 Written Update :- Krishna returns to barsana, Radha becomes the head

In today’s episode, it starts with balram going to meet revati. He is ecstatic to see and meet her. She says that you didn’t even try to meet me. Balram says that no body understands me, I tried very hard to meet you but circumstances did not approve.

Next they meet yashoda and band. Their happiness also know no bounds. Krishna says it was destined that we will meet again. Yashoda also welcomes revati as her daughter in law. Jarasandh and Rukmi talk about Krishna killing Kans. He reminisces how he tried to fight Kans when he saw him for the first time but neither could defeat each other. Jarasandh then married his daughters to him. He said Krishna definitely used black magic to kill Kans and his only priority in life is to kill Krishna and avenge his death. Nand talks to Krishna about his arrival. He says there’s something he needs to announce to people of barsana and vrindavana.

Next day the announcement of Barsana’s king is to be made. Since Radha rejected the post her aunt tells the people that her son will become the king of Barsana. But Krishna intervenes and says that only Radha deserves to be the head of Barsana. Krishna then convinces Radha to accept the head’s post. On being asked again Radha accepts the post of the head. Her acceptance comes as shock for her aunt and people against her. She questions her abilities as ahead.

Here Rukmini is still in thoughts about Krishna when suddenly she is informed by the spies that they couldn’t find anything about Krishna. She gets upset on hearing that. She then orders him to go again in search of Krishna. The spy informs one thing that he puts flowers in his turban. She believes that she will meet him very soon.