RadhaKrishnn 22nd July 2020 Written Update: Shakuni manipulates Duryodhan to appear for the swayamvar

RadhaKrishnn 22nd July 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Krishna explaining the characteristics of Shakuni two Balram and says that he is equally knowledgeable, clever and intelligent like me. He is also able to influence people just by his words like me but the only difference and the basic difference between us is I use my intelligence and my influential nature for the betterment of this universe while he is using it just to fulfill his revenge. Shakuni, on the other side, is practicing his grip on the game of gamble. When he understands that the game is completely in his grip and he can protect what can happen in the game, he decides he will direct the ultimate destiny of Hastinapur as well. When one of his servants comes to him and says I am in trouble please help me out because I have nowhere to go except you. Shakuni says I don’t help out people who don’t help out himself first and goes to others for help. He says I have no power then how will I fight with them? Shakuni says if you can’t fight with them face to face then fight from back. There is no rule when it is about survival and only those people get the right to write history who are the winners and then their flaws are also counted as their qualifications. the servant gets determined and says I will do whatever it takes to keep my family safe and protected.

Dushasan comes to Shakuni when he says that he is already aware about the invitation for the swayamvar of Draupadi. On the other side, Karn is making Duryodhan understand that the pandavas are no more alive and it has been two years. Shakuni comes to Duryodhan with the invitation of Draupadi’s swayamvar. Karn says but my friend already declined for the invitation now accepting it back will be a humiliation for him. Shakuni tries to be mean with him but Duryodhan stops him.

Another side, he says that it is my conscious decision not to attend the swamber of Draupadi but then Shakuni make him understand that how it is going to be beneficial to them politically and socially as well. In Panchal, Drishtidhoun informs Krishna that almost all the kings are ready to come.for the swayamvar of Draupadi and all these are possible for you hence my dad has kept a lunch party on your honour and you have to appear there as the chief guest and Krishna happily accept it.

Shakuni made Duryodhan understands that Draupadi is a beautiful woman and it is anyday a plus point for him. Radha in Barsana declines to accept the relationship between her and Krishna is maligned and toxic. She says it is always pure and pious and I want the world to know the same.

Ayaan says for this desperation of Radha I as a head of this area will punish her. Krishna says that I have to go to bring Pandavas to this swayamvar gathering of Draupadi and he meets Arjun there and let him know about the competition of arrows that is going to take place in Panchal.

Precap : Krishna informs Draupadi about the possible arrival of Arjun.