RadhaKrishnn 23rd July 2020 Written Update: Krishna provokes Arjun and Pandavas to fight back

RadhaKrishnn 23rd July 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode begins with Krishna trying to talk with Arjun when Bheem and Yudhistir appeared at that place and Bhim gets angry with him for coming there again. Madhav says he will leave soon and indirectly took name of Arjun and says there are people who are talking about the great warrior Arjun and was saying if he was there today then he would have won it all very easily.

Bhim says but he can be alive as well. Madhav says even if he was alive then he must be hiding under some disguise. He says Arjun must be scared so if there is any chance of him being alive then also he will not come in front to face his enemies. The sole reason behind this is he is scared to face them and to save his life he is hiding and right now he is just a coward.

Arjun gets disappointed to listen about such a thought about him and gets fumed after listening to the news of Duryodhan being present at the place as a contender. However, Madhav leaves from the place showing pity and sympathy for Pandavas after provoking them enough. Draupadi comes to call Krishna for the grand lunch when Balram informs her that his little brother is not present at that place.

Draupadi gets a bit disappointed but says you are a big brother to me as well and asks him to come over for lunch when Krishna appears there for her and Drsupadi shows fake anger for his absence. He says whenever you will think of me I will be there for you but look for me only when you need me urgently. In Barsana, Ayaan announced that Radha will spend her life by taking care of lord Ram. She will take his name only and will not wear any jewellery and any gorgeous outfits and will live a very normal life. Radha says if all agreed then I am ready to accept this punishment and took the name of lord Ram.

Krishna also showcases his honour for Radha. He goes to take lunch with his elder brother. Draupadi is serving the food to them by her own hand. Arjun and his brothers received royal food inside the jungle on the occasion of Draupadi’s swayamvar. Arjun realised whatever his friend Madhav told him all over is true and there is not an ounce of fake words. Duryodhan gets permission to attend the swayamvar. Arjun realises there will be a competition of boxing and not arrow from the servant of the royal palace of Panchal.

Precap – Bhim and Arjun are eager to attend the swayamvar.