RadhaKrishnn 24th July 2020 Written Update: Draupadi selects an arrow as a medium to select her husband

RadhaKrishnn 24th July 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode begins with Arjun and Bheem interested in attending the swayamvar of Draupadi. Arjun says that whatever Madhav told us is correct. Arjun says to Yudhistir I want to go to that competition and defeat Duryodhan. Yudhistir says we all need to calm down and come what may but we will not go there at any state. I don’t know why I am feeling it’s all a conspiracy to trap us.

Dhrupad comes to Krishna and says I have no idea which kind of sweet you love to eat but for the safer side I made all kinds of available sweets for you so that you can have it. Krishna says I like rice pudding in sweets. Dhrupad says that is a very simple sweet dish and not at all royal. Krishna says if that is made with all love and affection then it tastes like heaven. He took a small bite from a laddu kept in the plate as a gesture of goodness. Dhrupad told Krishna about the competition he decided for the marriage of his daughter when Krishna says but this is something Draupadi herself should decide. She will know better what to do and what kind of quality she would like to have in her would be husband.

Draupadi says I don’t have any good knowledge about any sort of weapons and their usages. Krishna says if you have interest and dedication then it is not a problem to acquire knowledge about something new. On the other side, Duryodhan leaves for Panchal along with his friend Karn, after taking the blessings from his parents Dhritarashtra and Gandhari. Gathering told him that take care of yourself and come back with my daughter in law after winning her in that competition.

Shakuni things that his strategy to reach Panchal is finally working and now he can meet Shikhandini and plan for the destruction of Bhisma. Nobody is sceptical about the selection of weapons as per her choice. She told her elder sister that I have no prior knowledge about the usages and the greatness of any weapon. Shikhandini advised Draupadi to take suggestions from her friend Krishna only because only he can give her a solution. Krishna comes there and told Draupadib to select one such weapon which can represent the love you have in your heart for your loved ones or the kind of love you want from your life partner. Draupadi says that she worships lord Shiva and she can’t go for trishul as no other warrior than him uses it.

Krishna says both of you stay miles away but still your love reaches each other. So look for something which can make for the maximum distance. Draupadi comes to the weapon display and her brother is helping her about the weapons when she notices Dhanush. She gets to know that it is also one of the favourites of lord Mahadev too and she instantly selected it. Dhrupad asks all to spread the news of arrow competition among the state. Arjun gets to hear a similar announcement and he realises Madhav was indeed spoken the truth and he gets in a dilemma.

Precap – Karna takes part in the arrow competition.