RadhaKrishnn 26th August 2020 Written Update: Arjun tries to attack on Takshak but fails

RadhaKrishnn 26th August 2020 Written Updateon TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Draupadi saying to the monk I don’t know the context behind your words and why did you use this story for me. However I would like to believe that since you are wise and intellectual person then me or anybody else whoever is present over here then there must be a reason behind your words.

Today in front of you I am taking an oath, due to me there will be no conflict between the brothers. I am married to all of them and I will take care of all in an equal manner. She says I will be a medium of their unity and strength. Kunti says this is what I wanted to hear from you and I know you will perform your responsibilities with utmost perfection.

Arjun face I wanted to promise you something today from the day you have become my wife you are facing so many problems and difficulties but still you didn’t complain.

It was me who won you from your palace but after coming here you are not to accept five brothers as your husband and you did for our prestige. Instead I am making a promise to you that I will give you all sorts of happiness and luxury which you used to have in your palace in Panchal.

Krishna feels happy to see them and see that Radha is coming there and safe to him that Arjun is finally going ahead in his and started taking his own decisions. Now, the love he has for his wife Draupadi, I will make him do some revolutionary work.

All the five brothers went to dig the ground to establish a basement for their palace but they came back without completing the work because they found so many skeletons inside the soil.

Krishna asks Draupadi if she has something in her store for him to eat because he is feeling hungry. Krishna says to them that this is just the beginning and you have to face a lot of struggle and challenges in your life right now to fulfill your promises and words.

Arjun goes inside the Jungle to find a place for establishing a good palace and announces in front of all that I am the head of this jungle right now. he also says whoever is residing here please come in front of me and leave the place as soon as possible.

Takshak comes in front of you and says this place and this Jungle belongs to me and I am residing here from years hence you should leave the place before you die in our hands.

Takshak also says I have had a lot about u Prince Arjun so it will be better if you leave from this place because you don’t know I am being protected by someone you can’t even imagine.

Arjun tries to attack on Takshak but his every attack is being demolished and destroyed by an unknown source of power. He doesn’t understand who is the person who can be enough to destroy his arrows.

He explains the intern matter to his brothers and Krishna and Krishna indirectly given him a hint that if you want to defeat your enemy then you have to get him out first of his comfort zone. Arjun puts the entire jungle of Takshak on fire and he remembers Devraj Indra to save him from this person. Indra comes in front of Arjun as he is the protector of Takshak.

Precap – Krishna meets Radha again in the jungle.