RadhaKrishnn 27th July 2020 Written Update: Krishna welcomes Karna in the state of Panchal

RadhaKrishnn 27th July 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Balram looking for Krishna in Panchal for having some conversation. He says if you would have said once then only Dhrupad will organise the swayamvar with a competition of arrows only. Krishna says if not all these efforts I do then we will never have Duryodhan and Karn and Arjun together all at a place. Balram thinks about all these and realised that why all these things happened.

Radha is taking the name of lord Ram continuously when Krishna comes there and says are you reminding me? Radha says no, not at all I am looking for lord Ram only. Krishna asks her then why are you not in the temple of lord Ram? Radha says that Ram is everywhere and I can think about him sitting at any place. Radha and Krishna are talking about the punishment of Radha and she says that I am fine in this way because I don’t want to lie about our love to save myself from this. Krishna says you are away from any fraud and lies and that is why you are so different what the journey on which I am going now is full of people who are traitors and opportunists. That is why in this journey maybe you are not with me physically but you will be the only one person with whom I will share everything in details. Radha happily agrees and says in this way we will be together even after being away from each other. Arjun tries to convince his elder brother Yudhishthir for visiting Panchal to attend the swayambhar. However he still doesn’t agree for this and says I won’t do anything against the will of our mother.

Draupadi is looking at the people who are coming inside her palace for the swayamvar from her balcony. Shikandini comes there and ask her sister to get ready as people have started coming in. Draupadi says to her that whoever is coming for her swayamvar has no spark in them as if they are lifeless and ruthless. Shikhandini says they have no fault in all this, they are a warrior by birth and they just have to carry such emotions so that they can go for war anytime. She further says if you are having any issues then talk to Krishna if possible. Duryodhan notices Balram and gets mesmerized to see his skills and he gets interested to know this person. He asks him that you seemed gifted and so powerful, however I know no one can be a better warrior than me in this universe.

Balram says can you only speak and not do any action? On the other hand, Krishna meets Karna and welcomes him in a respectable and beautiful manner. Karna gets touched by his gestures and says I am offering my respect to you. Dhrupad welcomes Shakuni and Dusashan inside their palace and they are trying to demean Karna but before that Krishna introduces him in front of all and Shakuni gets stunned to see him from behind. While Draupadi listens to them from a corner.

Precap – Draupadi meets Arjun and asks him will he attend her swayamvar?