RadhaKrishnn 28th December 2019 Written Update: Krishna finally leaves barsana

The episode starts with Radha getting shocked on seeing Krishna breaking the flute. On being asked he replies that this is going to be the condition of me after leaving you, completely broken. And when Krishna is broken he won’t be able to play the flute. Radha and Krishna spend some more quality time together. Both are very emotional.

Krishna promises Radha that a time will come, when it will be full moon light, the sky will be full of stars, Radha and Krishna will be on the highest level of their love, then Krishna will take radha to a place away from this world where only these two will be there, forever. Radha gets happy on hearing this. She says that she believes everything that Krishna says and will eagerly wait for that time.

Balram comes and tells Krishna that the one part of Jarasandh’s army are heading their way and that they must leave the place immediately. Krishna leaves Radha’s hand and a part of her clothes remains in his hand. He emotionally bids adieu to her. Balram and Krishna run towards the border of Barsana, avoiding the army of Jarasandh.

Krishna had already planted a chariot for him and balram to escape. They board the chariot and start leaving. Here Rukmini comes to Jarasandh to request Him to not kill Krishna. She tells him purposes that a king should fulfill and which were not done by Kansa. He was very cruel too to his people and also his family. She even tells him that she is ready for a swayamvar.

Jarasandh accepts her request and says that he will not kill Krishna. Rukmi tells Rukmini to not worry and that he will find the best groom for her. Rukmini says that Krishna and only Krishna can be her husband and nobody else. This is a shocker for Rukmi. When the army of Jarasandh reaches barsana they are told by people that krishna has already left barsana and gone towards mathura. The army is ordered to move towards mathura.

When krishna and balram reach the border of mathura the army is ready to attack them. Then suddenly the army of Mathura surrounds them, who were called by krishna only. Maharaja ugrasen orders the army to kill the enemies and is stopped by krishna. He tells him that they will not use their power but their kindness in winning the war and will not kill anybody. This will infuriate and even jarasandh more.

Maharaja agrees to this. Radha is accused by Ayan that even after ordering krishna to leave barsana he was still in the village. Radha replies that he was there to meet his family and loved ones. Ayan asks for Radha’s removal from the Queen’s post.