RadhaKrishnn 28th July 2020 Written Update: Ayaan behaves inhumanly with Radha

RadhaKrishn 28th July 2020 written update on Justshowbiz.net

Episode begins with Shakuni offers his greetings to Krishna and asks what he is doing with Karna? Krishna says who is there in the world who can’t know Karna. He is talking to all of them and there is some exchange of words between Shakuni and Krishna. Dushashan gets to know from Shakuni Krishna is his brother because Kunti is his relatives. They are talking with each other when Shakuni gets to know that Duryodhan is fighting with none other than Balram.

Dhrupad says he will end up on losing side if he gets in fighting with Balram himself. Dhrupad asks his son to take away Shakuni, Karna and others inside for rest and refreshment. Karn says I will like to meet my friend Duryodhan first. Duryodhan looses the battle against Balram but he gets highly impressed with the kind of fight he has done and his skills appealed to Balram separately. He announced in front of all that he would like to make Duryodhan his student. Karna informs Duryodhan that the fight is going to be an arrow competition for the swayambhar.

Duryodhan gets angry and calls it unfair to change the mode of competition in the last minute without any notice. Krishna somehow convinces him to still fight without giving it up because he is a warrior. Somehow he gets convinced and says I will definitely give it a try for the sake of Draupadi as I don’t give up things like that. Krishna and Balram had a conversation with each other regarding Duryodhan and his way to choose a companion.

Radha is in temple and reminding Ram when Kutila and Ayan comes there to give her food but there is no food in the plate and Ayan says you are not in this temple and neither in the goushala yesterday so as a punishment you have to stay one full day without food and water. Radha says do whatever you want to do but I know what I am doing and how. Back in Panchal, Draupadi is waiting to meet Krishna to clear her doubts when one of the helpers come to her and tell her that she needs to do puja before her swayamvar sabha.

On the other side, Pandavas also decided to appear in the same temple where Draupadi is planning to go. Draupadi meets Krishna while going towards the temple. She told that she’s not liking any of the people who ever had come for her Swayamvar. Krishna says I don’t have any answer to this why don’t you ask this same question to lord Ram. Draupadi and Shikhandini gets shocked to see that there is no one inside the temple to perform the pooja. At the same time, Pandavas reaches there too and Arjun gets to enter the temple at that time as there is no priest present at that moment.

Precap – The swayamvar process has started properly.