RadhaKrishnn 29th July 2020 Written Update: Draupadi and Arjun meet with each other at temple

RadhaKrishnn 29th July 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Arjun enters the temple and Draupadi feels something unusual. She feels something different about the entire environment surrounding her. She closes her eyes to feel the ambience. Arjun enters the main corridor of the temple. He takes out the scarf away from him and Arjun notices she is exactly how Krishna describes her. Arjun and Draupadi had a conversation with each other. Arjun gives his introduction as a brahmin only.

However, before Draupadi can speak anything Arjun says you are the princess of Panchal and you are exactly the way I was heard about it. Arjun helps Panchali to complete the entire process of puja and then at the end, he helps her to complete the offering. When she is done with everything she asks him if he will come to her swayamvar. He says I am just a brhamim and not a warrior. If I was a warrior then I will participate in this swayamvar for sure. However, she is left unstable after the meet. She feels attracted towards Arjun and she decided to have a word with Krishna regarding this.

On the other side, Arjun is not happy with the way things are going and he wants to attend the swayamvar badly. He again tries to seek permission from his elder brother you Yudhishthir. Bhim also agrees with Arjun and says why are we even getting tensed? However, Yudhishthir again dismissed the thoughts of visiting the swayamvar. Bheem gets angry and he throws away a big stone from their path which hits the cart of Shravan Kumar who is none other than Krishna.

Krishna again make them feel that they are
doing wrong by hiding inside the jungle with a second of being brahmins and not reverting back properly. Arjun and Bheem cannot take the allegations anymore because they are feeling guilty now. At last Yudhishthir agrees to visit the swayamvar of Draupadi but only to get something in offerings as Brahmin. Arjun gets happy but disappointed as well for this. On the other hand, Draupadi is looking for Krishna to discuss about the swayamvar process.

Jarasandh enters the Mahal of Panchal and starts to throw tantrums from the moment he enters. He gets angry to see Krishna is present at that place and he is about to attack him but Dhrupad comes there at the end moment and defends Krishna. Both Dhrupad and Jarasandh are going to get into a war but Krishna stops them at the end moment. Draupadi has a talk with Krishna and she realises somehow she falls for that brahmin she saw in the Ram temple. She thinks maybe I am not able to find someone else deserving from the arrived people.

Precap – Shakuni asks Karn to submit his wife Draupadi to his friend Duryodhan once wins the race.