RadhaKrishnn 30th July 2020 Written Update: Draupadi falls for the brahmin she meets at Ram temple

RadhaKrishnn 30th July 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Draupadi discussing with Krishna about her swayamvar and says can we change the process of the whole swayamvar ? Krishna says to Draupadi if you want to change anything about your swayamvar then you have to talk to your father yourself. Do not depend on someone else for your needs but do it yourself. You should be clear about your own thought process so that you can be clear about everything about your life.

Karna is getting ready in his room while Dhrupad says to Krishna and Balram I am going to arrange one of the most difficult games for my daughter. Balram says to Krishna don’t you think Dhrupad is getting a bit overboard with his expectations ? Krishna says to Balram everything is happening as per the requirement and who you can do what is going to decide the upcoming future of everybody. Hence there is no point in stressing over it. Shakuni Karn and Duryodhan are discussing among themselves about the swayamvar and Shakuni asks Karna will you give Draupadi to your friend Duryodhan once you win her by winning the competition.

Karn says if my friend can give me an entire empire as a gift then why can’t I win a competition for him to fulfill his desires. Shakuni again tries to be mean with Karn when Duryodhan asks Shakuni to behave himself. Shakuni says you people are missing the main point. Fact is Karn is not a warrior by birth but still he is aspiring to be one and we want Draupadi for Hastinapur to make the relationship between Panchal and Hastinapur smooth and more strong. Karn says to Duryodhan I will do it for you and wants to present you my win in the form of Draupadi and Duryodhan gets happy to hear this. Shakuni thinks now I should go and approach Shikandini to fulfill my agenda behind coming here.

Krishna comes to meet Karna and he finds Duryodhan there too. They greet each other and Duryodhan left from there when Krishna tries to make Karn understand he shouldn’t overlook his conscience and self-worth behind the indebtedness for his friendship. He is intelligent, qualified and an eligible person worthy of everything he has. Karn listens to him being all mesmerized as he also knows what Krishna is saying is the ultimate truth but then again he chooses to go by his friendship as he is bonded with promises. Arjun and his brothers reached the palace of Panchal and he tries to know about the competition but the guard people refuses to let them know anything as he is not a participant. Shakuni comes to Shikandini and makes her tempted with the name of Bhisma and Hastinapur. She gets angry to hear this but checks herself.

However Shakuni is just unstoppable with his manipulation to make Shikandi works as per his tunes indirectly. Krishna comes to meet Radha and both of them share some conversation with each other and Krishna elaborates how the swayamvar of tomorrow is going to inaugurate the start of a new chapter in everyone’s life.

Precap – Duryodhan and Dusasshan is unable to pick the arrow stand but Arjun comes and do it and he throws the arrow in the upward direction.