RadhaKrishnn 30th March 2020 Written Update: The Epic love saga begins between Radha and Krishna

RadhaKrishnn 30th March 2020 Written Update on Tellyexpress.com

The episode begins with a voiceover about how every god and goddess is being worshipped in our mythology based on the emotions and says whenever the love and its discussions are brought out then it is only one pair that gets discussed and that is none other than Radhakrishna.

However to unfold the story of this divine couple we have to travel to Golok where Radha Krishna stays from a timeless period. Why they have to come on the earth to make people understand the importance of love. The voiceover says this story started when a devotee of Sri Krishna came to meet him. Narad says to Sri Dhama you have reached Golok but to enter you have to take the name of RadhaKrishna to enter the place. He says to take the name of the lover of my God before his name equals to insult my devotion for him so I can not do it at all.

Narad takes the name of RadhaKrishna and says without her existence you can not enter the place of Golok. However, he says no one can make Krishna prepare other than Radha, it is the only who can do it with the five elements of nature. Krishna says to Radha without you the music of my flute is meaningless. Krishna and Radha are enjoying their quality time with each other and enjoying their time together while Shri Daman appears there at the same time.

Shri Daman notices Krishna is only paying attention to Radha and he is spellbound to see their affection and love for each other. The environment of Golok is so mind-blowing and romantic. Narada says to Shri Daman please have a proper look, they are not away from each other at all but they are two bodies and one soul only.

However, he doesn’t like the closeness of Krishna and Radha and thinks she is taking him under her spell. Narada says if you think like this then talk to him directly as he is ready to meet you near the waterside. He says to Krishna, it is very odd for every devotee of yours to take the name of your lover Radha before your name every time.

Krishna tries to make him understand the matter but Shri Daman sticks to his mindset of Radha being the one who is misguiding him from devotion with her magic and love. It is time for distribution of offerings in Golok and Krishna says to Shri Daman maybe you will get your chance at that spot.

He offers his offering to Lord Krishna only and Radha takes the first bite from his pot and then she makes Krishna eat it and Shri Daman shouts and talks against the process of Radha. Radha tries to make him understand her point of view but he is adamant to prove Radha wrong and devotion is bigger than love.

Radha says nothing in her defense and lets him speak things in front of all. Krishna asks his devotee Shri Daman to be his gatekeeper and says while I think about all these make sure no one comes inside to disturb me and make sure no one comes to meet me.

Radha gets to hear the name of hers from Lord Krishna and she is worked up to meet him but Krishna calls Radha again and again and she is proceeding towards the main door of the palace of Krishna. Shri Dama gave a curse to Radha when she tries to enter the palace of Krishna that she will forget Krishna for the upcoming 100 years and also she will be away from Golok and will remain in Mrityu Lok.

Krishna and Radha are crying for each other and finally that little girl made him understand what wrong he did in his arrogance of devotion and anger. Radha keeps her hand on Shri Daman and says whatever happened it is because of the will of Krishna.

Radha says sometimes what appears to be as a sin basically comes as a blessing. She says the message of Brahma is the time for Krishna to appear on earth is near and you made the way for the great meaning. Krishna says love doesn’t mean getting but to get dissolved in it, the expansion of the soul is love. Krishna says to reach out god is love, every good beginning is about love and everything beautiful in this universe.

Krishna prepares Radha for the last time and they are being playful but Radha stops at the endpoint as she is going to lose her memories and he has to appear on earth for herself. Radha takes her last bye from Krishna as their love saga on earth is about to begin.

Precap – A new girl baby was born in Baikuntha and Krishna also took born with Devki.