RadhaKrishnn 31st July 2020 Written Update: Draupadi declines to get married to Karna

RadhaKrishnn 31st July 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode begins with people from different states and places arrived in Panchal to attend the swayamvar of Draupadi. While the pandavas were in the palace in disguise. The king of Panchal announced in front of all that I am going to invite all the participants of this swayamvar here personally. He calls all the kings of different state and nations all together one after another and at the end he gives a grandson introduction and welcome to Vasudev Krishna. Arjun and other pandavas get surprised to know that Krishna is none other than their stranger guest of the jungle, Madhav. Not only this, Arjun also gets to understand that he is the one who appeared in front of them as Kumar to bring them to Panchal.

Later on, Draupadi is getting ready for her marriage function and she tries to influence her decision by doing praises of Duryodhan and Karn. Draupadi is not ready to listen to anybody but she is lost in the thoughts of that brahmin. Dhrupad welcomes Draupadi inside the swayamvar dias and Drishtidhiun speaks about her various interests and talents, good habits, knowledge and activities. The competition competition starts and Dhrupad explained the rules and conditions for the game. Lord Shiva blessed the marriage function with his blessings by giving the arrow holder of him. Dhrupad says that one needs to aim at the eye of the fish by looking at the reflection of the fish in the water to get married to his daughter. The competition starts and one by one the kings of different places start to appear for the test but none of them was even able to to pull up the arrow holder.

Everybody tried including Duryodhan and Dushasan but none of them was able to do it properly. Drishtidhiun announced in front of all the arts it was a very unfortunate case that none of you was able to even lift the arrow holder. Dushasan says that Karn is still left to try for that test. Karna stands up and comes forward to do the trial for swayamvar. Draupadi understands with the words of Krishna that Karan was one of those rare people who can actually do the task but to give a chance to Arjun who is present in the swayamvar in a disguise of brahmin she announced in front of all she doesn’t want to marry Karna as he is under the influence of Duroyadhan and doesn’t even here for. After such things when everybody else called out her for this behaviour she said that Karn is not even a warrior by birth and is a sutputra. Hence she doesn’t want to marry him at all. Karna feels insulted with her words and he backed out from the trial but Duryodhan speaks up in his favour and questions Draupadi on what basis she is insulting the best warrior of Hastinapur.

Arjun says sorry to Yudhistir and says I want to give a trial for this swayamvar as I can understand all these things were done for us to be present here. He comes forward and nominated himself for the trial after Dhrupad opens the competition for all kind of human being. He comes forward to test for the trail whereas by seeing him doing that Draupadi gets very much happy. Dhrupad gives permission to him to try for the swamvar whereas Balram and Krishna gets happy to see him going for this but the other pandavas are too scared to try for this due to their disguise can fall short.

Precap – Arjun and Draupadi get married whereas Kunti asks Arjun to share what you brought among all your brothers equally.