RadhaKrishnn 3rd August 2020 Written Update: Arjun and Draupadi gets married to each other

RadhaKrishnn 3rd August 2020 Written Update: on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Arjun seeks permission from Draupadi to attempt for the swayamvar. She gives him permission for it when Shakuni says to Dhrupad that you are giving permission to this brahmin but if he fails to get the target then neither you nor Draupadi but we will choose groom for Draupadi. Draupadi gives in for the demand and says I will be ready to marry whoever you will ask.

Arjun thanks Dhrupad and Draupadi for giving all a fair chance and allows people from all side to participate in the swayamvar. He offers his prayers to Lord Shiva and attempts to lift the arrow holder. He puts the thread on the arrow holder and checks if it’s perfect. He sits for the aim and puts five arrows on the holder at a time and Karn gets shocked to see this and he says this is a tough learning which is impossible to do and this is something not all even know. He says to Shakuni only two people know about this and that is Arjun and me only. Shakuni says if he is Arjun then other pandavas will be here too.

Duryodhan spots the other four people and says I feel like killing them all in one line and right now but I can’t do that now. Karn says this is celebration time and announcing a war in a marriage occasion of anyone is not good. Karn asks Duryodhan to keep calm as of now and Shakuni also asks for the same. He says to Duryodhan each and every warrior who is present over here is angry and we have to utilise this anger in our favour rather than going for a war voluntarily. Shakuni also says todo you know then that if we do that then it will be proved in front of everybody that we are the one who is behind the consideration of Lakshagraha. Arjun successfully gets his target and announces his marriage with Draupadi in front of everyone and she gets happy to see this.

The marriage rituals are completed but Shakuni and the other warriors who are present in that place worked up to the Brahmin who is actually Arjun but Krishna interferes in between and says if anyone dares to do any unlike activity then you will face the worst consequences. Killing of Brahmin is the worst kind of sin and if anyone even thinks of doing it then Basudev Shri Krishna has to interfere in this. Duryodhan gets angry with his words and Karn is watching Krishna and he understands that Basudev is getting angry. At the end, all agreed for Krishna’s words and Draupadi gets happy to see her friend Krishna is doing his things for her. Balram asks Krishna, tell me is Arjun going to be the rider of your vehicle? Krishna smiles at him and looks at Arjun with admiration.

Precap – Krishna asks Arjun to sit in the place of the rider of him.