RadhaKrishnn 4th August 2020 Written Update: Krishna announced Arjun as his rider from now on

RadhaKrishnn 4th August 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with all proceeding towards the marriage dias when Krishna stops all and says if anyone dares to kill any brahmin then my interference will be unavoidable. Balram also stops Duryodhan and says if you all don’t listen to Krishna then I will forget my promise. Duryodhan left from there with the other kings. Dhrupad asks Drishtidhoun to make them reach the house of brahmin. Krishna says I will make them reach their house personally. He asks Arjun and Draupadi to come along with his vehicle.

Arjun confesses the entire truth about his real identity to Draupadi and she gets delighted to know that ultimately she is married to the one with whom his father wants to get her married. She says to Arjun I am glad that you choose to speak the reality before starting the relationship. She says I am glad that you choose to speak the truth. They all left together with Krishna when Krishna asks Arjun to be the rider of his vehicles from now on. Arjun gets overwhelmed to know this. He sits in the place of the rider and starts the journey. In the middle of the path Yudhishthir stops his vehicle and says to Draupadi that he has a confession and he told her about their real identity.

Draupadi gets overwhelmed by this but she pretends to be shocked and in denial just the pull leg of all. Krishna and Arjun are smiling to see what the rest of the people are doing. Krishna asks them to proceed further for the journey meanwhile he will go for a work. Arjun says to Krishna he is becoming a devotee of Krishna whereas Draupadi says I also respect him a lot but he is my friend only. Krishna says to her I will remain a dear friend to you only so whenever you feel any problem then just remember me and I will be there. Draupadi gets happy and says that she will do this when time comes.

Draupadi says in front of everybody that I am really happy that you people choose to speak up the truth instead of hiding it. She says that I have no problems even if Arjun was a Brahmin or a warrior. The day I saw him in the Ram temple. in my mind I have already accepted him as my husband and also prayed to lord Ram to give Arjun to me as my husband. They all thanked Krishna for letting them meet with each other. Krishna gets happy and says that I will join you people on the right time once again. Arjun looks at Krishna sadly as he is completely in CHFawe of him.

Precap – Kunti ask Arjun distribute what he was not among the five brothers in equal manner. Draupadi gets hurt and says I will wait for my friend Krishna’s arrival.