RadhaKrishnn 5th August 2020 Written Update: Kunti does the unthinkable

RadhaKrishnn 5th August 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Kunti thinking about her sons and thinks where is her sons? She gets to know from some brahmins that her son are at the Swayamvar of Draupadi. Kunti gets worried about her sons and she thinks this can create a rift between her sons. She thinks in her mind it took her a lot of struggle to actually worked for the unity of her sons and she can not afford to do that. She thinks the way people are talking about my other sons and calling them names . Soon or later they will have a tiff over it and I can not let that happen. Duryodhan is planning to kill the pandavas but Karn stops him and says he just got married and there is a woman with him now. We shouldn’t snatch away the happiness of a newly married couple, that’s a heinous crime. Kunti decided to take some decisions which can stop this from doing.

Radha is chanting the name of Ram and Kutila asks Ayaan she haven’t consumed any food items till now. She took away the plate of food when Krishna comes there to meet Radha and let her know about the swayamvar and also about Arjun. She says to him that is evident from the containment of your face. She gets happy to see him being successful in his steps to achieve his goal. Bidur informs Dhritarashtra about Arjun and Draupadi marriage. Dhritarashtra gets happy and asks Vidur to bring back the pandavas to this palace as it is their home too. Duryodhan wants to kill the pandavas but Shakuni suggested to be calm and says let the work be done by the army men. Kunti sits for puja while Arjun comes home with Draupadi and asks his mom go see what he got in a gift. She asks him to distribute the thing he got today among all the brothers equally.

Eveyone gets shocked with this and Arjun says before ordering us you could have seen what I got in for you all. Draupadi getd heartbroken to listen to all these. Duryodhan stops Dhritarashtra from giving order to Vidur to bring back the pandavas in the palace. He says untill I am alive those cheater can never be back here basically I will not make them come back in this palace. Kunti says to Draupadi its my habit to say always to diatribute among them whatever they got equally but today I didn’t show it was not a mere thing but a girl who is married.

Yudhisthir and Bhim asks her to take back her words. Draupadi says how come you just order to distribute a girl equally among five brothers? She says I will arrange for the marriage of Draupadi and Arjun. Arjun says but now how to not listen to your words. Krishna says at the end the relationship of a devotee and a god is like fulfilling each other. Both of them are incomplete without the support from the other side.

Precap – Draupadi seeks Krishna’s help and says if I agree to this then the universe will crucified me. Krishna says whoever will try to do so will burn his hand eventually.