RadhaKrishnn 6th January 2020 Written Update: Krishna runs away from War

The episode starts with Radha worshipping lord Shiva and saying that she will keep worshipping him until she gets news of Krishna’s well being. Krishna watches the approaching army. Rukmini is tensed and pacing around. Her father tells her that it’s difficult and nearly impossible for Krishna to win the war. The opposite army is very strong. Rukmini has faith in Krishna. Her father also says that they will get to know the actual form of Krishna from this war. Shishupal comes to meet Rukmini and brings gifts for her. Rukmini burns his gifts and tells him that he too will burn the same way at the hands of Krishna.

Shishupal says it will be nice to tame a girl like her. He stands in the fire where all the gifts burn. He orders the soldiers to take both of them to watch the war. The warriors get ready for the war. Krishna still stands smiling. Balram tells Krishna that the army is ready. Krishna also tell him that he is ready too. He asks him to be in the war soon. Kalyavan appears with his army. Everyone is shocked and scared to ask him. Shishupal comes with Rukmini and her father. They all try to find Krishna but he is nowhere to be seen. Krishna later appears. Rukmini tries to look at him but is unable to see him.

Kalyavan sends a message across that if Krishna wins in a duel with him then they will leave Mathura. Krishna agrees with this. Rukmini’s father says that Krishna did a foolish thing by agreeing to it. Rukmini believes that Krishna will win against kalyavan. Here Radha keeps worshipping lord Shiva. Kalyavan says that he will defeat Krishna and become the must powerful. Krishna says that People only remember those who leave their ego behind them for people’s welfare. The fight begins. Kalyavan starts showing him his powers and attacks him. Krishna dodges him every time. Krishna starts running away from the warzone. Everyone is shocked to see this. Kalyavan calls him ‘ranchhod’.

Shishupal tells rukmini that Krishna ran away. Rukmini gets saddened on hearing this. Kalyavan asks everyone to leave and says that he will fight him alone. He starts running after Krishna. Balram too gets upset on seeing Krishna run away. Maharaja Ugrasen too feels saddened. He says that the future generations will call them the ones escaping the war.

Akroor ji says that there is something that Krishna must have thought about. Balram says that whatever he has done but he will have to help him. Krishna goes into the tunnel. Kalyavan follows him. Krishna tries to do all kind of stuff to run away from and tease kalyavan.