RadhaKrishnn 7th January 2020 Written Update: Krishna gets Kalyavan killed

The episode starts with Kalyavan running after Krishna to catch him. Krishna is creating various troubles for him. He tells him that he is just a small boy and he accepts his defeat and that he must leave now. Kalyavan says that he will not leave before catching him. Kalyavan falls into mud following him. Shishupal along with Rukmi make fun of krishna.

Krishna leaving the war place. They enact his leave as well, only to tease Rukmini. Shishupal asks Rukmini to explain his run. She stands there crying. He tells her that Kalyavan will soon cut his head and bring it to them. He orders his soldiers that he should soon get the news of Krishna’s death. Krishna, on reaching near a tunnel offers to sleep. On being rejected by kalyavan, he goes into the tunnel. Kalyavan follows him. He says that Krishna is a fool that he came into the tunnel and promises himself to kill him. Here Radha is worshipping lord Shiva When Ayan and his sister appear before her. They tell her that its a waste to worship the lord as Krishna left the war and ran away.

People are calling him ‘Ranchhod’. Radha says it’s impossible. He says that it’s known by everyone in Mathura now. Radha says that there must be some reason behind Krishna from the war. He is not a coward. Krishna validates her point. She says that she will never leave this place she learns about Krishna’s safety. Kalyavan reaches a sleeping person. Thinking him for Krishna he starts waking him up. Kalyavan finds out that it was some other person who was sleeping. He was a rishi who was sleeping. Krishna tells him that in his arrogance forgot who he was.

When the Rishi opens his eyes, fire comes out and burns Kalyavan in an instant. The shiv linga of lord Shiva shines and gives Radha a signal that he is fine. She faints after the worship. Rishi learns that Krishna is lord Vishnu. He tells him that for this moment only he was in his Yognidra. Krishna later tells him to go to a mountain and do his penance and will attain his moksha or divinity in due time. Balram also sees everything happening and asks Krishna about Kalyavan’s Death. Krishna tells him that nobody except the rishi could kill him as he had gathered his energy from all his penance over thousand of years.

Shishupal continues to tease Rukmini when he is informed that Krishna Has killed kalyavan. Rukmini feels excited hearing this. Everyine else is shocked to hear this. Her father too tells Jarasandh that Krishna is no ordinary man and there will be no benefit fighting the war. Jarasandh gets even more furious. He tries to kill both of them who is then stopped by shishupal. He says that he wants to marry Rukmini. Jarasandh declares that on the coming full moon night, shishupal will marry Rukmini.

PRECAP: Krishna informs everyone about killing of kalyavan and says that he has no qualms about people calling him ranchhod. Radha along with people of barsana hail ranchhod Krishna. Krishna informs balram that he will create the divine place about which he has said earlier to Radha and him.