RadhaKrishnn Ek Ananth Prem Gatha 29th April 2020 Written Update: Will Krishn be able to stop Sudevi’s marriage?

RadhaKrishnn Ek Ananth Prem Gatha 29th April 2020 Written Update on Tellyexpress.com

Ayan challenges Krishn that in the dance programme he and Radha will dance together.Krishn accepts his challenge. Radha’s friend tell her that on the day of Sharad Pournima the true lovers dance their heart loud . Radha tells her that all these stories are fake. Meanwhile Jatila finds a man with her coin which she had sent to King Kans . She goes towards him.

Radha and her friends are busy with Sudevi and are grooming her. Sudevi feels a bit uncomfortable . Radha notices this and asks other to get ready . Sudevi tells her that she is unable to forget Bhairav. Radha tells her that whatever her mom dad has decided ,is the best for the child and being sad during the marriage rituals isn’t a good omen. Sudevi’s marriage rituals start, Radha tries to calm her down. Sudevi prays in her heart to get married to Bhairav.

Jatila tries to meet the man but Vrishbhan catches hold of him. He interrogates him. The man tells him that he is the secret agent of King Kans and has come to tell the person who sent the information to King Kans about Krishn with half coin. Vrishbhan then tries to find out about the coin . Radha is dressing up and finds Krishn staring at her . She shouts at him. Krishn then tells her that he was mischievous from his childhood. Krishn further tells Radha that he wants Sudevi to get to the person whom she loves. Radha challenges him to make Sudevi marry Bhairav in front of her. She further tells him that he will be unsuccessful . Krishn accepts the challenge.

Radha tells Ayan that Krishn is planning something huge to stop this marriage. Balram hears them talking to eachother about Krishn . He asks then about thier discussion. He further tells  them that he himself is tired of Krishn . He tells them that Krishn has planned to make Sudevi runaway with Bhairav. Radha is shocked to hear this. Krishn is seen smiling which makes his friend Sudhama anxious. Sudhama tells him that he is scared of their plan . Krishn tells them that what is right in  loves eyes, is not wrong in his eyes.

Balram tells Radha and Ayan that he is has tried his best to explain to Krishn but he is not listening to him. Radha feels a bit doubtful and asks Balram that its not possible that Krishn hasn’t listen to his Daau anytime. Balram then takes the oath in front of lord to prove them he is saying the truth . Radha  then trusts Balram and tells them that they can tell their parents about this. Balram stops Radha and tells her that if she tells then entire village will come to know about this plan which will lead difficulties to complete Sudevi’s marriage. Also it will be a huge insult for Sudevi’s parents.

Radha then suggest then now only Krishn’s girlfriend can save them and stop Krishn. Lord Krishn talks about the friendship between water and milk. Friendship with Milk is a proud moment for Water as it gives a new rise to the pride of water. But the story doesn’t end here. When Milk is boiled that time water first boils itself into vapour and then lets the milk boil. The milk then gets cooled up when some water is added Similarly friendship is always about protecting friend from problems.  A friend protects ones existence.