RadhaKrishnn Ek Ananth Prem Gatha 30th April 2020 Written Update: Will Radha find Krishn’s girlfriend ?

RadhaKrishnn Ek Ananth Prem Gatha 30th April 2020 Written Update on Tellyexpress.com

Ayan tells Balram that its not easy to find Krishn’s girlfriend as he is very smart and won’t let her reveal her identity. He further tells that she won’t come to which Radha and Balram questions him whether he knows about the girl. Ayan confirms that he doesn’t know about her.  Balram then asks Radha and Ayan to support him to  stop Krishn .

The wedding procession begins ans they have the baarat at their door step. Balram tells them that he heard Krishn and his friends talking about the girl as she is going to wear a yellow dress. Krishn makes Bhairav ready as a girl and makes him wear yellow dress .Radha, Ayan and Balram search for the girl in the crowd. Then the come across a girl wearing yellow. Radha and Balram decide to take her to Krishn. Ayan tries to break the rule and wants to see the face of girl. Krishn stops him.

Krishn slams all of them for not respecting girl’s choice. He tells Balram that he ditched him. He further acts of being emotional abiut Radha’s friendship and tells that he wasn’t expecting this from Balram. He takes Bhairav with him. Vrishbhan then tells his agents to search for the secret agents of King Kans.

Radha stops Krishn from going and tells him that she knows he is going to make Sydevi runaway with Bhairav. Krishn and Balram fight with each other. Krishn tells his Daau that he betrayed him today after joing hands with people of Barsana. Balram tells him that he made him do that . His decision is not good for Barsana and Gokul. Radha asks them not to fight. Radha then challenges him to do so. Krishn tells her that everyone has a viewpoint . Someone maybe right someone maybe wrong but it depends on point of view.

Krishn then tells her that he will remember his promise as well as he will let Sudevi marry Bhairav. Krishn then counts till 3 . After the 3rd count there is complete silence. Ayan tells him that he failed in his counts. Krishn tells him that this is the silence before the storm. Suddenly Sudevi becomes unconcious. Krishn tells them to wait and watch . Balram asks Radha to stop Krishn.

Krishn and his friend make fun if Bhairav aka Bhairavi’s beauty . Krishn then tells that his plan is to make Radha and Ayan search for Bhairav and meanwhile he will make Bhairav and Sudevi married. Bhairav thanks Krishn. Krishn tells him that he did this for his love. Lord Krishn says that mistakes are a chance to improvise a person. A mistake can be forgived but when the the mistake is not accepted, it gets converted into crime.and crime cannot be forgived , it needs punishment. A person should have the courage to accept his fault or else the consequences are big.