RadhaKrishnn Ek Ananth Prem Gatha 7th April 2020 Written Update: Will Radha be able to save the pots? Will Krishn help Radha?

RadhaKrishnn Ek Ananth Prem Gatha 6th April 2020 Written Update on Tellyexpress.com

Balram is warned by by villagers that he was able to stop from making them break the pots but he won’t be able to spare them from Kans. Krishn says he doesn’t fear of Kans. Later the villagers set back to work whereas Radha praises Krishn and his courage. Radha’s friend ask Krishn ,the  name of the other person to which he says that he is Balram. But Krishn then says that everytime Bal (strength ) is not more stronger then Buddhi (Smartness).

 Radha asks Krishn what was he going to do with these pots to which he says this is he has a  childhood bond with the pots . He gives her the revenue and starts breaking the pots. Radha requests him to handle it carefully but Krishn goes on breaking . He says that he has brought all of them to.  Radha tells him that its hers . Krishn tells her that its mine as he has paid the value for it . Radha corrects him that he has paid for pots and not their hardwork and he cannot break them .Krishn says that she is possesive about her pots

Krishn says that Radha  has possessivness as well as anger in her which is really good. He again starts breaking them. Radha shouts at him that she doesnt want to sell. Krishn tells her that she has anger  with fear that’s not good ,he tells her that Daau told him that girls of Barsana are selfish. Her friend Lalita engraged in anger tells everyone that Radha is the daughter of the head of Barsana. Krishn highlights this in front of villagers that she is Vrishbhan’s daughter and tells them that she isn’t scared of Kans. Radha asks him to stop but he says that truth shouldn’t be hided. He tells her that this is an example for others to get inspired from.  Some soldiers attack the market Krishn faces them with a smile.Radha tells him that she told him to stay quiet but he din’t .

The soldiers ask them to surrender themselves. Krishn warns the soldiers. Krishn calls Balram for help. Balram  doesn’t respond to him . Lalita asks him where is his daau to which he says that his exercise is done he won’t interfere. Radha and her friends get scared. Krithida is praying for the safety of Radha where Jatila enters the house. She welcomes her. Jatila slams her for sending Radha to market to sell pots against the will of Kans.

Meanwhile Krishn Radha and her friends are surrounded by Kans soldiers . She tells Krithida that she is scared for Radha’s safety if Kans came to know about Radha he won’t spare her.Radha runs to save her life Krishn follows her.

Krishn gyaan: Lord Krishn is making pots , he tells that if the clay isn’t not proper or its not boiled will the pot gain its shape. Similalry love also needs to be mended . People need to work on their heart and listen to it just like adding proper procedure for to make a pot .

Will Kans come to know about Radha? How will Krishn save Radha? To know further updates keep watching the show Radha Krishn Ek Anath Prem Gatha on StarPlus every Monday to Friday 7 30 pm.