Radhamma Kuthuru: A plan to trap Shruti is on full swing

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Zee TV’s popular hit show Radhamma Kuthuru is all set to engage it’s audience with it’s interesting story line. The twists and turns in the show keeps the viewers hooked to their Television. In the yesterday’s episode we saw Akshara telling to Arvind that so now they should make Shruti herself divorce Rajesh. Arvind agrees and says that they should plan something which will make her divorce him. Akshara says that for that plan they need someone new. Arvind thinks for sometime and says that they have a person who is dying to become an actor and is trying to get roles but not getting them, he is roaming from Vishakapatnam to Hyderabad. A man comes on a bike. Akshara helps Raghavendra to solve a case by giving him an idea. They ask Ramarao to help them to trap Shruti. He agrees.

Later, Akshara gets a call from Bujjamma who asks her to come with her to the naming ceremony. They both together go to the naming ceremony where Bujjamma names the baby Shambhavi after being requested by her Grandmother. The ladies in the naming ceremony asks Akshara as to why she is not giving a good news and wherher she is going through become a collector. They continue talking ask them ahd they finally ask whether there is any problem with one of them. Bujjamma gets furious.

In the today’s episode we will get to see the neighbours humiliating Bujjamma and Akshara for not giving birth to a child after soo many years of Marriage. They continue to humiliate them to which they both shout at them and leave from there. Bujjamma cries remembering the humiliation to which Akshara promises to give her a child. Arvind denies to it and tells her that Aparna and Rajesh will give them the heir. Arvind gives a mogra gazra to Akshara ahd telling her that the drug that us sprinkled on them will intoxicate Aparna and Rajesh which will bring her closer. Akshara keeps the gazra in Aparna’s hair. She tells him that she has kept the flowers in her hair. Rajesh and Aparna get intoxicated with the drug.

What will Aparna and Rajesh do when they come to know about their plan? Will Aparna and Rajesh come closer like they have planned?

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