Radhamma Kuthuru: Radhamma to give the baby to Aparna

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Radhamma Kuthuru is a Zee TV’s popular show is all set to engage it’s audience with it’s interesting story line. The twists and turns in the show keeps the viewers hooked to their Television. Akshara is a head strong and intelligent woman who falls for Arvind the son of the sarpanch’s. Akshara wants to become an IAS but her Mother in law wants her to give birth to her heir. Akshara is struck between her wishes and Bujjamma’s wishes.

As Reported Earlier we saw Arvind giving the training form to Akshara from over a wall where he feels to see her pregnant belly. He leaves from there. Later Radhamma and Aparna looks for Akshara. They hear her shouts and look for her. They see her laying on the floor whimpering in pain. They rush to her. Aparna goes to get an auto but then seeing Bujjamma she gets shocked. Aparna runs to Radhamma and tells her that Bujjamma is here. Bujjamma calls Radhamma. Aparna goes infront of her and she takes her to the hospital. Radhamma takes Akshara with her where they gets help from Arvind. They hide their faces from him. When they reach the lights go off and they escape without him seeing them.

In the upcoming episodes we will get to see Akshara feeding to her baby and kissing the baby on the forehead, she gives the baby to Radhamma. Radhamma with tears in her eyes, takes the baby. The baby’s feet touches Arvind and he feels an unknown feeling in him. Radhamma is about to enter Aparna’s room but Bujjamma asks her who is it. Radhamma stops.

Will Bujjamma come to know the truth? What will happen next? Will Arvind ever come to know the truth?

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