Radhamma Kuthuru: Ramarao comes to the same spot as Akshara and Arvind

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Radhamma Kuthuru is a Zee TV’s popular show is all set to engage it’s audience with it’s interesting story line. The twists and turns in the show keeps the viewers hooked to their Television. Akshara is a head strong and intelligent woman who falls for Arvind the son of the sarpanch’s. Akshara wants to become an IAS but her Mother in law wants her to give birth to her heir. Akshara is struck between her wishes and Bujjamma’s wishes.

In the yesterday’s episode we saw Ramarao coming to a resort with Shruti where Akshara comes with her husband Arvind to let the plan move forward. Akshara’s change in style shocks Arvind and he asks for a kiss where she asks him for a baby if he wants a kiss. Arvind says they won’t have one until she becomes collector. Shruti doubts Ramarao but Ramarao covers it up with Akshara’s help. Later Akshara asks Ramarao to sit on his knees and propose to Shruti. Rama Rao sits on his knees forwarding the ring to her. Shruti gets excited seeing it. He proposes to her.

In the today’s episode we will get to see Ramarao’s sister in law searching for Ramarao. She even gets into an argument but as Akshara changed the photo of Ramaroa with NTR Shruti thinks her to be mad. She leaves from there apologising to Shruti. Aparna asks Arvind and Akshara to go on a site seeing. Akshara denies but Arvind insists. Akshara and Arvind enjoy a lot in the trip. They feed animals, go on a long drive and finally they go to a lake where they both enjoy in the water together. Aparna and Rajesh gets closer to each other as well.

In the upcoming episodes we will see Arvind and Akshara panicking seeing Ramarao and Shruti at the same spot they are in. Ramarao sees them as well and gets tensed. Ramarao gestures towards them. Arvind and Akshara are hiding behind a rock. Shruti asks Ramarao as to where he is looking. He says no where. She asks who is behind the rock. He says there is no one. Shruti says there is someone. Akshara and Arvind look at each other

Will Akshara and Arvind’s plan gets successful? Will Shruti sign the divorce papers? How will Akshara and Arvind escape?

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