Raghav Juyal introduces Dance Deewane’s little Gunjan Sinha to Salman Khan while BB makes Rahul’s Valentine’s special by inviting Disha

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Well, love doesn’t seem to be the most practiced emotion amongst the contestants in Bigg Boss as this Valentines Day, instead of red roses, contestants gave black rose to each other along with their harsh reason.

While Rubina got the maximum black roses, she was least bothered as she stood strong to her ground because nothing mattered to her more than the respect and honor of her husband at any point.

We don’t know about the contestants but Salman Khan gets an adorable surprise as Raghav Juyal introduces a young and supremely talented Gunjan Sinha. Giving him a glimpse of the power-packed talents of Dance Deewane 3, the little bundle of talent eft Salman Khan spellbound. And moving on to a fun banter with the contestant through innocent questions, Gunjan Sinha totally stole the show.

Bigg Boss made this valentines day even more special for Rahul Vaidya who kickstarted his love story by expressing his feelings and proposing to Disha Parmar from inside the house to spend some moments worth cherishing.

Leaving everyone teary-eyed and hopeful for a surprise for themselves, the contestants retire on a loving, emotional, and hopeful note…

Shouldn’t Rubina and Abhivan be together inside the house today?

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