Raghbir fights with Sukanya: Bepanah Pyaar

Next in Colors TV Bepanah Pyaar, Raghbir confronts Sukanya and later she cuts her wrist.

In Bepanah Pyaar drama is high after Sukanya accuses that Raghbir is fooling everyone. Raghbir don’t recognize Sukanya and ask who is she? Sukanya shows him the pic and there Misha goes breaking all the ties with Raghbir.

Raghbir tells his family that he doesn’t know about Sukanya. He agrees to them that after Bani he met girls but Sukanya’s face is not familiar to him. Later, Raghbir decides to confront Sukanya.

Otherside, media shows Raghbir and Sukanya’s intimate pictures. Raghbir’s mother tells him to recall where he met the girl as media is supporting Sukanya over him. Raghbir says he met her at London but he doesn’t remember anything else. Doctor says to Raghbir that he might have fallen in love with Sukanya thinking Bani and now he don’t remember. Raghbir gets angry on doctor and says he has loved only Bani and goes to meet Sukanya.

Raghbir confronts Sukanya. Sukanya brings Raghbir on balcony. She tells him that she is happy seeing him. Raghbir ask her to stop her drama. Sukanya says did he really think she is joking. She makes him recall the marriage and promises. Sukanya shows Bani’s bracelet and says if he didn’t made promises with the than how she has her bracelet.

Further, will see Raghbir will fight with Sukanya and will try to snatch the bracelet from her. Later, Sukanya will cut her wrist.

What more twist and turns will come, to know more keep watching Bepanah Pyaar on Colors channel.

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