Raghbir hurts Pragati in Bepanah Pyaar

In the upcoming episode of Bepanah Pyaar will see Raghbir will get furious after Pragati throws Raghbir out from his cabin.

Ahead, Pragati will refuse to entertain Raghbir’s ideas during the meeting which will leave him infuriated. Later, Raghbir will ask Pragati to prepare a presentation for the next meeting. To trouble her more, Raghbir will interrupt and Pragati will fall. Sahas will take care of Pragati and Raghbir will get jealous.

What more twists and turns will come in the show will be interesting to watch.

Last we saw, Raghbir spoils her dress when Sahas ask Pragati to accompany him to have breakfast outside. Next, Raghbir punctures Pragati’s car so that she can’t reach the office at time.

Raghbir gets happy thinking Pragati will not attend such an important meeting. He gets shocked seeing Pragati in the conference room. Pragati says to Raghbir that he is late and meeting is done.

Raghbir ask Pragati how she arrived early than him. Pragati says she took metro train.

Afterwards, Raghbir ask Pragati how come she is sitting on his chair. Pragati tells to Raghbir that she is majority share holder thus the chair belongs to her. Raghbir stands stunned. Later, Pragati captures Raghbir’s cabin and Raghbir ask Pragati not to stoop so low so that she won’t be able to eye contact with herself. Pragati says to Raghbir that he did her last rituals and now this new Pragati will take a stand for herself. She further asks Raghbir to leave.

Do Raghbir will be able to learn reason behind Pragati’s lie? Do Sahas and Pragati’s closeness will make Raghbir jealous and he will try to win back Pragati? Well, for all the answers keep watching the show mon-fri on Colors channel.

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