Raghbir vows to destroy Pragati: Bepanah Pyaar

Colors show Bepanah Pyaar is gearing up for major twist and turns. Drama in the show is high with Pragati joining Raghbir’s office with a motive to protect him from Kunti’s evil eye.

Unaware of the truth Raghbir is misunderstanding Pragati and decides to avenge her for her lie. In the episodes last we saw, Raghbir makes Pragati fall. Sahas ask Pragati if she is fine. Raghbir gets jealous. Harshit thinks and says Kunti was right Pragati and Sahas’s closeness is affecting Raghbir. Raghbir thinks to give spray to Pragati and goes to her room. He stands jealous seeing Sahas and Pragati’s closeness. He recalls her moments with Pragati.

Later, Raghbir confronts Sahas and ask him not to interfere in his and Pragati’s matter. Sahas ask Raghbir why he is worried for Pragati if he hates her. Pragati over hears Raghbir’s talk and says Raghbir still loves her thus he is affected when she is in pain.

Next, at the office, Pragati gives the presentation and Raghbir interrupts. Raghbir gives the presentation but Pragati refuses to take his idea and cancels the meeting. Raghbir gets angry on her and ask her why she canceled his idea to which Pragati replied that she is 51% share holder of the office thus she can do whatever she wants too. Now in the upcoming episode Raghbir will vow to trouble Pragati more.

When Pragati will set out an ambitious journey to prove her credentials as a business woman, Raghbir will decides to have the last laugh.

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