Raghbir’s life in danger: Bepanah Pyaar

Twist ahead in Colors TV Bepanah Pyaar with doctor revealing a shocking statement about Raghbir’s health.

Last we saw, Sahas helped Pragati to make Sargi after she explained him what is called Sargi. Pragati misses Raghbir and Sahas ask her not to think much. Sahas to lighten the moment acts like Pragati’s mother-in law.

Pragati imagines celebrating the Karvachauth with Raghbir and back to reality; she gets upset thinking about the misunderstanding that happened between them. She further gets a gift box from Sahas and note. The note reads, since he is her mother-in law he orders her to get ready for the Karwachauth.

Other side, Shefali, Priya and other discuss about Raghbir and Pragati and gets upset thinking Pragati didn’t even called once to ask about their whereabouts. Later, Raghbir health worsens after Kunti mixes his drink.

Raghbir goes to the temple to complaint about Pragati’s lie in front of God. Here, Pragati rushes to the temple thinking if her love is true than she will surely find Raghbir there.

Now in the upcoming episode will see, Raghbir will undergo liver transplant.

The family will be in dismayed after doctor will announce that Raghbir’s liver is damaged beyond control and that only a transplant can save his life. Pragati will overhear doctor’s talk and will stand shocked.

What more will happen in the show will be interesting to watch.

How Pragati will save Raghbir’s life? Do Raghbir’s will have successful surgery or there will be more twist in the tale. Well, for all the answers keep watching the show mon-fri, on colors tv.

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