Raima accuses Sonakshi| Rohit believes Raima? : Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum is going to witness biggest twist ahead. Raima will recognize Sonakshi and will accuse her for current state!

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum viewers’ gear up to witness edge of the seat drama in the upcoming episode of the show.

Rohit realizes his love for Sonakshi and says to her that he don’t want to do break up with her, as he feels comfortable whenever she is around him. Sonakshi says to Rohit that they should put an end to the fake couple drama. Further, Rohit tells to Ajit that he didn’t realized when Sona became part of his life.

Ahead, in the upcoming sequence will see Rohit and Sonakshi will share close moment and at the same time Raima will make her entry in the life of Ronakshi.

Rohit after proposing Sonakshi will soon be seen celebrating their first date. The duo will share a close moment and later, Rohit will invite Rastogi’s for Venna’s birthday party.

Sippy’s and Rastogi’s will enjoy having dinner together and at the same time Raima will come and will shock each one out there. Further, Raima will recognize Sonakshi and will accuse her for doing her accident.  What new turn Ronakshi’s life will take after Raima’s accusation will be interesting to watch.

Do Rohit will believe Raima or there is something mysterious about Raima’s accusation? Time will only tell, for now enjoy Rohit and Sonakshi’s dreamy moment which is soon going to burn your screens.

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