Raja Rani 10th February 2021 Written Update: Saravanan backs Sandhya

Raja Rani 10th February 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Shivagami asks Sandhya to leave the house. Sandhya says to Shivagami that she didn’t done anything intentionally she was mistaken. Shivagami stands in her decision. Her husband says to Shivagami where will Sandhya go now? Neither her parents are not alive nor she doesn’t have a house.

Shivagami replies its not a matter to her. Perhaps peoples will badmouth her for kicking her out of the house, but she doesn’t mind. What matters to her the most is Saravanan. She hurts Saravanan feelings. She can imagine how much pain he is bearing now. She is not a good wife to him. Sandhya says to her she will leave the house. Sandhya says to Shivagami that she hides her education details from her but she swears that she didn’t complain about Shivagami in the police station. She says to her father-in-law that she respecting him a lot if she done any mistakes then forgive her.

Sandhya appologizes to Saravanan. She places the jewels in her bag. Shivagami asks her to take all things of her from here reasoning that she don’t wish to remember Sandhya anymore. Sandhya feels emotional and takes her bag in her hands.

Its falls down along with her books. Saravanan remembers how did Sandhya gift him a book, her confession on the first night. Shivagami complained that she got many chances to say the truth but she didn’t. Sandhya walks out of the house. Saravanan calls her name.

Saravanan stops Sandhya and says to her that she is his wife. She must stays here with him. Saravanan brings Sandhya inside again. He says to Shivagami that he might be punished because Sandhya already said all truth to him in the first night. Senthi starts blaming Saravanan that he is supporting her whom complained on their mom.

Saravanan deny it saying Sandhya won’t do such a thing. Senthil blames Sandhya again so Saravanan lashes out at him pointing Archana’s mistake. Both brothers are arguing with each other Shivagami stops them and says that her daughters in law create a rift between the brothers. She asks them to stop fighting.

Episode end.