Raja Rani 11th February 2021 Written Update: Sivagami is vexed up

Raja Rani 11th February 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Sivagami saying to all that she is wrong in judging Sandhya so she is ready to fall on her feet. Saravanan stops her and asks her to stop this all and appologizes to her. Sivagami says to Saravanan that Sandhya hided her educational details from all and lied to them its not wrong to him. Senthil says that Saravanan says it clearly that from the begining he knew about it and pretends like no nothing.

Both husband and wife acted in front of all. Sivagami husband asks Senthil to stops adding fuel to the fire. Sivagami says to Saravanan that she is not against education at all. Senthil married before Saravanan. All peoples may badmouth him though she didn’t hesitate to search for a girl for him. Doesn’t he remember his marriage stopped on mandap reasoning that the girl eloped from mandap blaming Groom is not educated one that’s why she searched for an uneducated girl for her son?

Sivagami starts getting emotional and says to Saravanan that she is wrong. She shouldn’t blame his wife because she understands her place when Saravanan brings Sandhya back to the house ignoring her words. Saravanan whom feeding this family for 10 years so obviously he is the important one to this house.

She used to think she is the pillar of this house its wrong. She apologizes to Sandhya and asks her to don’t kick her out of the house. Sandhya and Saravanan fall on her feet and apologizes to her. She replies to them in sarcasm and leaves from there.

Sandhya questions Saravanan why did he lied to them for her. He shouldn’t do it for her leaving his family in misery. Saravanan replies to her that he can’t able to see her leaving the house. He explains to her that she was educated that’s not a matter here none is against education here but what matters to them is her lie. She should atleast inform him about it then he would have manages this situation.

Saravanan says to her that he believes Sandhya respecting his mom and never give complaint against her. He asks her to share everything with him hereafter. As a husband and wife only trust is a symbol of love. He leaves from there to convince Sivagami.

Sandhya understands her mistakes and calls to Janani. She narrates everything to her and praise Saravanan for supporting her. When Mani speaks with her she cuts the call in anger.

Episode end.