Raja Rani 12th April 2021 Written Update: Sivagami lashes out at Sandhya

Raja Rani 12th April 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Adhi assures to Parvathy that he will buy new carry bag for her in same color.
Parvathy informs to him that she thought about it but it won’t work out. Adhi questions her why did she agreed to stitch it? Sundaram calls them there. Sivagami starts scolding her for being careless. She complaints that Parvathy is not doing any household works. Senthil comes there and asks Adhi to take care of his textile shop for two hours. He wants to meet one owner immediately. Adhi refuses to help him. Sivagami scolds him to do it. Saravanan comes there to collect flour. Mayil notices his wound. She questions him doesn’t he put bandage to it yet? Sivagami questions Saravanan doesn’t she told him to ask Sandhya to do his first aid? Why didn’t he informed it to her? Parvathy provokes Sivagami by saying Don’t scold Saravanan? He may asked Sandhya to help him but she refused to help him looking down on his status. Sivagami too agree with her. Sivagami questions Sandhya why didn’t she do first aid to him? Sandhya notices the wound and questions him how did he get wound? Sivagami scolds her for not taking care on Saravanan. She asks to her aren’t they sleeping in same room? How comes she didn’t noticed his wound?

Sandhya says to her that neither Saravanan informs to her nor she noticed it. Sivagami asks her to do the first aid and leaves. Sandhya cleans his wound and first aid to him. Saravanan is admiring her. He praises the carry bag. Saravanan gives it to Sivagami and asks her how is it? Sivagami says to her that she can’t praise her as Best daughter in law for it. Parvathy notices the carry bag in Sivagami’s hand. She questions her Is she stitched it? Sivagami says Sandhya stitched it. Parvathy thinks that Sandhya trying to impress Sivagami by doing this all. Sakkarai comes there with dustbin. He informs to Sandhya that he brought it for her. Saravanan says to Sandhya that he felt her thoughts are correct. Waste should throw it on dustbin. Sandhya praises it.

Parvathy notices Sandhya and Saravanan are discussing each other. She doubts what’s going on there. Sandhya stops Parvathy from throwing waste on road. She asks her to use dustbin. Parvathy says that Sandhya is cornering her. Saravanan scolds her for misunderstanding her. Sakkarai says to her that he will definitely follow her words. She praises him. Adhi is saying to Sivagami how to do diet. Parvathy comes there and informs to her that Sandhya is doing too much. When did she went to throw the waste outside, She stopped her from throwing outside. She took class to her that waste should throw inside Dustbin. She insulted our family members are uneducated and culture less. Sivagami gets angry on her. She goes out with Mayil.

Sivagami asks Sandhya to throw the waste outside. She throws it on dustbin. Sivagami questions her why did she doing it all? Who asked her to take decision in her own? Sandhya informs to her that Saravana brought this. Sivagami gets irk to hear it. She kicks down the dustbin and leaves from there. Saravanan comes there. Sivagami complaints to him that Sandhya taking decisions in her own. Is she looking down on them. Doesn’t she know how to throw wastage out? Doesn’t she know to buy a dustbin? Is she need Sandhya class to learn it all? Sandhya questions her what did she done wrong? Is using dustbin wrong here? Sivagami complaints that she is following some rules here she don’t like to break it. She can’t able to change for Sandhya. Adhi is provoking her againat Sandhya! He is comparing Sabdhya’s education with them. Sivagami asks Sandhya to stop looking down on them. They can live as they wished after she stop breathing!

Episode end.