Raja Rani 12th February 2021 Written Update: Saravanan consoles Sandhya

Raja Rani 12th January 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Sivagami and her childrence eating in varanda. Mayil is busy in serving to them. Saravanan comes there Sivagami says to Mayil officer’s husband is here so serve food to him in dining table. She knew her place that’s why she is eating in varanda along with her family.

Saravanan’s father asks Sivagami to stop talking like this to him. Sivagami replies to him that she has shame and know well where she should stop. Saravanan says to her its hurting him the way she is talking with him. Sivgami replies to him in sarcasm that she is not a important person in his life to hurts him. Saravanan asks her to forgive him. Sandhya comes there seeing her Sivgami asks Mayil to serve to the higly educated officer. Sandhya asks Archana to give the food she will serve to all. Archana refuses to give.

Sivgami scolds Archana that Sandhya is the owner of this house she should obey her words. Sandhya goes to serve them but they refuse to eat from her hand. They start eating when Archana serves to them. Saravanan asks Sivgami to feed him. She replies to him that he has no right to do it. If he needs food ask Sandhya.

Sivgami’s husband says to her that he don’t like the way she is treating Saravanan. She is creating wounds in their heart. Sivgami replies even he created wound in her heart but he doesn’t care about it all. He tries to explain her that he didn’t done mistake. He wishes to save his wife so he protected her lies. As a husband he done a good job. Its common to lie when its comes between mother and wife.

Sivagami says that he is supporting his wife ignoring his mom. How could he support his wife who complains about his mom? Sivagami’s husband says to her that Saravanan strongly believing Sandhya didn’t give the complaint. Saravanan comes there taking Halwa. He asks her to forgive him. Sivagami talking with him in a sarcastic way and trying to prove hardly that she is not angry with him by feeding halwa to Saravanan and Sandhya. Saravanan says to her that he knew well about his mom. He needs his old mom who showing anger on him.

Sandhya feels sorry towards Saravanan and appologizes to him. He replies to Sandhya that he can understands her don’t worry. He can’t allow her leaving this house because he took promise on their marriage day that he will protect her. Sandhya says to him that she spoiled his all dreams. Her small lie created big problems here.

Saravanan tells her that she was also got cheated on by her brother. She may felt cheated whenever she thinks about Saravanan’s education and sweet stall. Her friend’s husband is highly educated and having a good job comparing to her. So it will definitely hurts her. Sandhya denies it. Saravanan asks her to sleep. He covers her with a bedsheet. Sandhya starring Saravanan emotionally.

Episode end.