Raja Rani 12th July 2021 Written Update: Saravana is devastated

Raja Rani 12th July 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Saravana ties to stop Sandhya from leaving the house. She says to him that she has no quality to stay in this house as a daughter in law. She pleads with him to leave her. Ravi and Sivagami are enquiring him what’s going on? Saravana tells her let’s talk about it here. Sandhya shares to him that everyone knew well who is problem here? She says to Sivagami that she is leaving from this house as her wish. She can allow Saravana to marry someone else.

Ravi tells her that they are always here to support her then why is she leaving. Sivagami complaints that doesn’t she allowed her to stay in this house after three months test then why is she blaming her? Sandhya says to her that life is not a test to pass in it particular time. She can’t able to stay here anymore. Saravana informs to her that she is everything to him. Archana question her why didn’t she left when her brother came?

Adhi and Senthil are provoking her. Saravana asks them to shut their mouth. Saravana asks her to consider his love on her. Sandhya says to him that they are loving each other but this family don’t like them at all. How will they live here bearing this hate. Sivagami complaints that she already warned him that she will leave him and day but this Saravana didn’t heard this. Saravana pleads with Sandhya but she leaves from there. Sivagami faints in tension.

Saravana dreamt this all and cries thinking about her conversation with Anitha. He is devastated thinking about Sandhya’s decision he reminds his beautiful moments with Sandhya. Vicky is waiting for Parvathy. She comes there and apologies to him for being late. She says to him that she is having hard time to manage her family. Vicky asks her to come and sit with him. But she deny it reasoning she has no time. She questions him Is he angry on her? He sent it. Vicky says that he was angry actually. She informs to him that after he saw her then mom saw her and created problem in home. But father protected her and Archana divert mom. Vicky asks her to tell him if that Bhaskhar giving tough time to her. She leaves from there.

Sandhya thinks that she done mistake she shouldn’t have showed her anger on Sivagami to Saravana. She wishes to convince him. Saravana comes there and collects the dirty clothes from there Sandhya questions him why did he taking this she will give clean one. But he is adamant in his decision. Sandhya asks him to say the answer to her questions what happened? Saravana questions her back will she give answer to his questions? He knew well how much it hurts when they get no answer to their questions.

Saravana tells her that he will wash it by himself. She demand him to say the reason. Saravana informs to her that he lost his trust on everyone. Saravana is washing his cloth. Mayil goes to help him but he refuses to accept her help. Archana witness this all and wishes to inform this to Sivagami. Archana is praising Sivagami to cool her down. Sivagami finds it out and asks her to say the reason. Archana indirectly says to her that all are washing cloth on same time so there is no place to dry the clothes. She tells her that she saw Saravana washing his clothes Sandhya is working in kitchen. Sivagami gets furious to see it. Sivagami questions her where is Sandhya? She leaves from there to question her?

Episode end.