Raja Rani 13th April 2021 Written Update: Sivagami admires Saravanan and Sandhya’s bond

Raja Rani 13th April 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Saravanan questions Sivagami what happened now? Why did she blaming Sandhya? He brought this dustbin she threw waste in it. Senthil complaints that Saravanan lying again to support Sandhya. Saravanan asks him to stop it. He questions Sivagami is it a crime to throw waste in dustbin? Why did she created a scene infront of all? Sivagami says that how will she sit quiet when did Sandhya started taking decision in her own? Parvathy complaints that Sandhya lied to all that she is uneducated, she knew cooking, she brought laptop to Adhi, she even send Sivagami to jail. She adds that Sandhya participated in competition even after Sivagami left from there. She says that Saravanan is supporting Sandhya in everything. Saravanan scolds Parvathy. Sivagami complaints that Saravanan is not scolding Sandhya but Parvathy. Sivagami says let’s wear cheppal inside the house like rich peoples. Some people takes injured Ravi inside. Everyone gets shock to see his state! Sivagami questions him how did he get wound? He informs to her that he tried to close the leaking pipe. But some uneducated idiot threw banana peal on road. He slipped in it. Adhi starts laughing hearing it. Sivagami scolds him.

Mayil asks Sivagami to don’t mistake her for talking like this. Sivagami scolded Sandhya for throwing waste in dustbin. Now see Ravi slipped down because of waste. Doesn’t Sandhya correct here? Parvathy irks to hear it. Sivagami says to Sandhya don’t take this as advantage. If they start to use dustbin will neighbours starts to use like them? Sivagami says to her that she will buy dustbin for her if everyone changes. Ravi says to Sandhya don’t take Sivagami’s word to heart. She is still behaving like old peoples. Saravanan approaches Sandhya. Sandhya complaints to Saravanan that she has no idea how to behave here? Is using dustbin big problem? Doesn’t she creating small things big? Sandhya says to him that she fears to take steps here. Sivagami don’t have a good opinion on her.

Saravanan says to her that everything will be alright. Sandhya complaints to him that she stitched that carry bag to impress Sivagami. But she didn’t give any sign to her. Saravanan asks Sandhya to remind whatever happened in this house? Everyone understood Sandhya well in this house. Sivagami will understand her soon. She likes her but hesitate to accept infront of all. Saravanan adds that he liked her confident. Don’t give up that. Sivagami can’t able to continue this anger drama. Sandhya assures to him that she will wait till Sivagami loses her anger. Sandhya questions Saravanan how is his leg? Saravanan says to her that he is alright. Sandhya says to him that she will again dress his wound. Saravanan is admiring Sandhya.

Ravi reaches to his room. He complaints to Sivagami that she ruined Sandhya’s sleep. It’s not fair to scold Sandhya for unnecessary things. Doesn’t Sandhya stitched this carry bag beautifully? She is not praising her. Ravi is advising Sivagami to stop showing anger to Sandhya. She is creating unnecessary arguements. Sivagami complaints that Sandhya trying to change everyone. Ravi asks her to stop thinking in this way? Sivagami shares her grief with him. Saravanan is thinking about the incident. Sakkarai consoling Saravanan. Sandhya comes there with lunch. Sakkarai plans to unite Sandhya and Saravanan. Sakkarai lies to Saravanan that Sandhya wants to learn how to cook jilebi! Sandhya deny it. Saravanan is teaching Sandhya how to cook Jilebi. Sivagami notices them. Parvathy complaints to Sivagami that Saravanan and Sandhya are doing too much. People will badmouths them if they sees them together. Sivagami stops Parvathy and says to her nothing is wrong in it. Both are husband and wife. Saravanan showing his love to her what’s wrong in it. Parvathy thinks that what happened to Sivagami.

Episode end.