Raja Rani 15th April 2021 Written Update: Saravanan and Sandhya to act the street play

Raja Rani 15th April 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Mayil asks to Sandhya what’s the matter? Sandhya says to her let’s discuss about it after Saravana and Sakkarai comes there. They reaches there. Sandhya says to him that Sivagami challenged her to change these people then she will throw waste in dustbin. Saravanan says to her that he knew it. Sandhya says to him that she is going to change peoples here. She needs ideam for it that’s why she called everyone to come here. Sakkarai says to her let’s beat the people whoever throwing waste on road. Mayil says it’s worst idea. They will beat them back. Saravanan says to Sandhya that people used to dirt the bus stand so they painted God’s picture on wall to change them.

Sandhya comments it as old idea. Mayil asks Sandhya to place flowers there. Saravanan says that peoples will steal it. Sandhya says to him let’s play drama. Saravanan says to her that it will cost high. Sakkara teases Saravanan that no joker is in it. Sandhya says to him it’s just street play. Saravanan questions her who will act in it? Sandhya says to them let’s 4 act in it. Saravanan deny it reasoning he don’t know to act at all. Sakkarai and Mayil are encouraging him. Sandhya assures to him that her friends will teach him how to play. He agreee to do it.

Mayil asks Sandhya to explain the scene. Sandhya informs to them that she rented dress for street play. Mayil praises the dress look. Sandhya asks to Saravanan Is he has any idea about it? He says to her that he wishes to do Shivaji roles here. He shows a mini scene to her. Sandhya praises his act. Saravanan asks her to leave him. Hearing Sivagami’s voice Mayil runs from there. Sandhya narrates to him how to do it. Saravanan appreciates her idea. While giving powder to her he sprays it on her face.

Saravanan scolds him and helps Sandhya to clean her face. Sakkarai ties their hand together in this meantime. Mayil comes there and praises their idea. Ravi comes there and enquires to them what’s going on here? Mayil informs to him everything. Ravi appreciates their idea. Sakkarai says to him that they are rehearsing here. Ravi asks her to give a role to him. Mayil teases him that he will run from here if Sivagami calls him. Sakkarai alerts them that Sivagami is coming. They tries to hide the hand from her.

Sivagami asks Saravanan to give the coconut. She wants to grind the chatni. Saravanan and Sandhya goes together to take Coconut. Sivagami questions them what’s going on here? She notices the hands were tied together. She asks to them why did they playing like this? Ravi informs to her that they tied hands together because of him. If they tied hands together then they will give birth to baby soon. Sivagami lashes out at Ravi and leaves from there. Ravi says that Sivagami left without creating any problems. Sivagami complaints to Parvathy that she can’t find anyone in home. Mayil and Ravi also missing. They hears a sound so goes outside to check what’s it.

Sakkarai and Ravi are clapping for the street play. Sivagami reaches there with Parvathy. Sakkarai alerts Ravi that Sivagami is here. They are trying to teach peoples dustbin is important to society. They brings Saravanan and Sandhya there. They comes there wearing drama’s costume. Patvathy and Adhi finds them out. She alerts Sivagami that Sandhya and Saravanan are playing this act here. Sivagami gets angry to find them there.

Episode end.