Raja Rani 16th April 2021 Written Update: Sivagami’s stern decision

Raja Rani 16th April 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Sivagami is watching the street play. Parvathy alerts Sivagami that Saravanan and Sandhya are acting in it. Adhi questions her why did Sandhya and Saravanan acting in it? Sivagami asks them to keep quiet instead of increasing her anger. In drama Saravanan questions Sandhya about cleaning? They talked in dramatic way.

They are doing street play to give awareness to their neighbours. Waste should put in dustbin. Sandhya is giving advise to neighbours. Sandhya asks them to bring dustbin there people put waste in it. Sivagami too puts waste in it. Everyone feels happy to see it. Sandhya is laughing seeing the video. Saravanan comes there and says to her that he knew well why is Sandhya so happy today? Doesn’t street play gave immense pleasure to them? Ward member too praised him. Sandhya praises his acting. Saravanan deny it. Sandhya says to him that she noticed his acting in competition itself. He is dancing well. Saravanan adds that if he dance again then everyone starts calling him as dancer.

Saravanan praises Sandhya for writing Thiruvilayadal movie dialogue in different format. Sandhya informs to him that she didn’t done it alone but someone helped her in it. Saravanan questions her who is it? Sandhya reveals to him that Ravi helped her. Saravanan gets surprise to hear it. He adds that doesn’t he said to them he want to act in this drama? Sandhya informs to him that he said to her it won’t be good if he act in it. That’s why he helped her to write the script.

Saravanan informs to her that Sivagami too enjoyed their act too. He doubts that Sivagami may create problems there. But she watched their drama till the end. She even put the waste in dustbin. Saravanan says that something made sense to her that’s why she was silent. Sandhya fears that Sivagami may scold her for doing street play. Ravi informs to her that Sivagami has no anger on Sandhya. She fears that Sandhya will bring new problems to house. So she acted in this drama bravely.

Saravana says to Sandhya let’s take this incident as inspiration. He is damn sure that Sivagami will change soon. She says that she asked permission to ward counselor. Saravana appreciate her. Sandhya thank Saravanan for thinking good for her. Saravanan says that he is always thinking about her. Ravi appreciate the dinner. He thank her for cooking best dishes. Ravi appreciates the street play. Sivagami didn’t react to it. Ravi says to her that Sivagami know well that they did their drama well. But Sivagami is not ready to accept her.

Sivagami informs to Ravi that Sandhya will leave this house in three months. Ravi questioning her Is she fixed it? Sivagami nods. Ravi questions her what if Sandhya proves her as a good daughter in law? She says to him it won’t happen.

Sivagami is scolding everyone for being careless. She complaints that no one is doing household works here. Ravi wishes to change her mood. He informs to her that Valarmathi marriage is fixed. They even printed their name on invitation. Sivagami praises them. She says to Ravi that she don’t like Sandhya to take with them. She complaints that Sandhya don’t know to do any household works. If she takes her there then Sandhya will insult her there. Ravi dislikes it. Sivagami is clear in her point.

Episode end