Raja Rani 16th July 2021 Written Update: Sivagami gets emotional

Raja Rani 16th July 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Sivagami arranging everything for pooja. Ravi places the parcel there and asks Adhi to open it. Sivagami asks Archana to do the work. Parvathy questions her why is she asking them to do one by one? If she say it before they would have finished it now. Parvathy says to her that she wanna learn it from her then only her in laws won’t complain she don’t know anything about this rituals! Sivagami asks her to learn for herself not for others. Guest comes there and questions Sivagami what’s this parcel? Sivagami informs to them its gift from Sandhya’s house.

Kavitha question her doesn’t her brother staying in America? Ravi nods proudly. Kavitha says that it will be a talking topic in that area Sivagami get gift from America. Ravi nods proudly. Archana asks her to open the box then only they can understand its value. Sandhya opens it and gives the gift to all one by one. Kavitha says it looks costly. Archana complaints that this sarie looks like not good comparing to her textile clothes. Kavitha says that at least Sandhya family send gift but Archana family didn’t send anything. She says these saries send by her parents. Kavitha checks it and says its her shop sarie. Why is she lying like this?

Archana tells her that her mom send money in her account to buy clothes. She purchased sarie from her shop what’s wrong in it. They smiled in teasing way. Sandhya gives the sarie to Mayil. She accepts it happily. Parvathy questions Sandhya doesn’t they send sweets? Sandhya blinks. Parvathy says only pizza and burger will available there. Saravana comes there with sweet box. Senthil questions him Is they really send it or he took it from his own shop? Saravana says to them it came in courier. Sweets are ruined after came it in parcel that’s why she gave it to him to correct it. Parvathy tells him its lie. Sandhya says to her Mani asked her relative to send it from Palayamkottai. Ravi says place is not matters but gift came. Saravana gives the sweet box to all. Sivagami starts the pooja. Everyone prays together. Ravi says to Sivagami that he was waiting for this day one year he asks her to fall on his feet. She falls on his feet and gets blessings from him.

Ravi is keep advising to her by saying movie dialogue. He is torturing her with his punch dialogue. Sivagami asks Archana and Sandhya to get blessings from her husband. Archana falls on Senthil feet he asks her to give up her greed. Sandhya falls on Saravana feet but he asks her to don’t do it. He says to all Sandhya has no faith in it. Sandhya thinks he is still angry on her that’s why behaving like this. Kavitha praises his thoughts.

Archana notices the price tag in that sarie and says to all she knows it well. It’s just 200 rupees sarie what’s the need to send it from America. They gets shock to hear it neighbor to think it’s way. Adhi checks it and says its 200 dollar it means 15 thousand in Indian rupees. Everyone gets shock to hear it. Archana questions them whom will buy clothes for 15k. Sivagami says that they didn’t even remove the tag to show off they are rich to them. Sandhya tells her may Mani forget it in busy don’t misunderstand him. Sivagami Insults Sandhya. Saravana asks Sivagami to stop finding the mistakes in it instead of accept the gift. Neighbors leaves from there. Saravana complaints that Sivagami don’t know how to talk in front of others. How could she insult Sandhya and her family in front of all. Sivagami says in sarcasm she done wrong she apologies to her and leaves.

Sandhya cries. Archana asks Sandhya to give the sarie to her she will sell it for 20k. Sandhya warns her to go don’t do mistakes again. Sandhya gets call from Janani. Ravi and Sivagami hears her conversation with her. Sandhya hides the truth from her and praises Sivagami and her family. Ravi says to Sivagami it’s Sandhya whom never give up her family in front of anyone. Sivagami says it’s the very good quality for an daughter in law.

Episode end.