Raja Rani 18th February 2021 Written Update: Vicky loses his phone

Raja Rani 18th February 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Sandhya searching for Saravanan and finds him in Sivagami room. He is massaging her leg while crying. Sandhya is noticing him hiding. Sivagami wakes up and questioning Saravanan why did he doing leg massage to her. Saravanan questions her back Doesn’t he has the right’s to do it?

Sivagami replies to him in sarcasm that he is educated one husband. If Sandhya comes to know it then she will feel bad for him. Saravanan says to her that she is hurting him. Sivagami replies in sarcasm that she is not a big one to hurts his feelings. Saravanan says to her that he can’t able to concentrate on anything. Sivagami asks him to leave from there. Saravanan staring her emotionally. Sivgami asks him to allow her to sleep atleast. Saravanan leaves from there. Seeimg him Sandhya pretends like sleeping. Saravanan starts crying in silent.

Sivgami’s husband says to Sivgami that she is intentionally hurting him. She is very adamant in her decision. Saravanan must takes care of his wife and children. If she continuous her attittude then no one will think good about her. Sivgami says to him that he is not thinking about her wound.

Sandhya feels bad for Saravanan state and thinks one lie made everything ups and down. Sandhya comes to kitchen and thinks what to cook? She wishes to cook fried rice for all. Mayil and Parvathy comes there and questions her why did she late Yesterday. Parvathy says to her that Sandhya and Saravanan went to watch cinema. Sandhya deny it and says to them that she went to deliver sweets.

Bike stopped without Petrol so they reached home late. She says to Parvathy clearly don’t assume things in own instead asks to her straightly. She will answer to her. Sivgami comes there and starts talking with Sandhya in sarcasm way. She asks Sandhya to take rest and forbids her to cook for all. She asks Parvathy and Mayil to cook for all.

Vicky and his friend are discussing about Parvathy. His friend advises Vicky to propose Parvathy. He replies to him if she accept his love then he will cuts his friendship for her sake. Vicky’s friend makes faces. Two persons are following them and steals his phone. Vicky gets shock when his mobile is missing. He thinks all his datas are in it.

They checks the cctv footage and finds the person. Sandhya goes near her father in law. She appologizes to him for her deeds. He replies to her that it’s not a big deal so stop appologizing. Sivgami is behaving weird because she is angry on Saravanan. Sivagami calls him so he excuses her and leaves.

Episode end.