Raja Rani 19th April 2021 Written Update: Sandhya’s Benevolent Nature

Raja Rani 19th April 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Sivagami is stitching the clothes. It’s disturbing Ravi to read the newspaper. Ravi asks her to allow him to read it. Sivagami asks him to sit far from her. She questions him only they two are going to attend the marriage function, so how are they going? Ravi informs to her let’s take bus to go there. They can reach there in one hour. Sivagami complaints that they need bus, mini bus, and share auto to reach his village. How will they really there in one hour? Ravi is praising his village and its atmosphere! Sivagami teases him for praising it over! Aadhi comes there to talk with Sivagami. He says to her that only degree certificates don’t help him to get job in this developing situations. He needs extra training to get a good job. He asks Sivagami to pay 8000rs to his training class. Sivagami and Ravi gets shock to hear it.

Sivagami complaints to him that he don’t know the value of money. Saravanan wants to cook 2000 laddoo to earn this 8000rs. He can’t able to understand Saravanan’s hard work. It’s her mistakes for not teaching Adhi how hard it is to earn money. Sandhya hears it all. Adhi says to her that he is not asking this money to spend it buy things instead he wants to study. Sivagami deny to give money to him. She asks him to stop lying. She knew well that he is spending more money in the name of education! Sivagami asks him to start help Saravanan in his sweet stall. Adhi leaves from there in tears.

Sandhya stops Adhi and questions him Is he really want to study? Adhi nods. sandhya asks him to study further when he decides to study or else he will loss his interest in it. Sandhya gives money to him. He refuses to get it from her. Sandhya says to him may he is doubting why did she offering money to him even after he badmouthed her? Sandhya says to him that she is doing everything for his good future. Saravanan notices this and gets angry on Sandhya for helping Aadhi. She says to him that she can only help him this month. She will asks Saravanan to give money from next month.

Sakkarai asks permission to Saravanan to take leave next week. He gives permission to him. Sakkarai is teasing him but Saravanan informs to him that he is already in mood out. Sandhya brings lunch there. She informs to Saravanan that she cooked for him watching U tube. She tried new recipe! Saravanan informs to her that he is not hungry. Sandhya complaint it’s already too late. Saravanan lashes out at Sandy’s for disturbing him. Sandhya leaves from there disappointed! Evening Sandhya keep thinking about the incident and doubts what did she done wrong? Saravanan reaches home angrily. Sandhya confronts him to say the reason behind his anger. He questions her why did she offered money to Adhi even after he back stabbed her? He mentions her as ‘fool’. Sandy’s tries to explain him but he says to her clearly that Adhi will betray her again. On that day mom and dad won’t support her. Morning Sandhya tries to solve the issue but Saravanan ignores her and leaves.

Episode end.